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Brad Broerman
(Em2, 1987-1991)
I hope you like this site...
Vince Kotlarz
(ET2, 83-86)
Thanks for the site, brought back some good memories!
Richard Wigley
thanks for the memories
Alan Eckman
(EM2, 1983-1986)
Thanks for bringing back some great memories. It's good to see that the old 'Sag' is still at work.
Jim Poehlman
(EM2, 1987-1991)
Excellent site Brad, nice work. Brings back memories that's for sure.
Pete Travis
(DCA, 8/76-8/79)
Who has the Mushroom Flag? 57 Degree Rolls and the joys of having Marines onboard. Best wishes to all who served onboard, with a few minor exceptions.
David Crosby
(GMG3, 1971-1972)
Would love to hear from my old shipmates. Thanks for the great site!
Peter Lennox As a member of the Australian Project Team responsible for upgrading the USS SAGINAW it was interesting reading about the vessels history
Jerry Hamm
(MR1, 1976-1979)
Greg Gardner
(ET3, 92-94)
You guys seen what the Aussies did to the boat?
Bronwyn Hill,
Royal Australian Navy
Thanks for a very informative website about the ship's history, I have just been onboard HMAS KANIMBLA for sea trials and she is still going strong!!!
(BM2, 1980-1984)
Tom (sonny) Rise
(GMG2, 83-87)
Unitas Cruise was great and the rolls she took off of haterus
Jim Santucci "TUCH"
(SKSN, 1973-1976)
Countless Carrib Cruises, one 6 month Med Cruise, even more great memories ,a few lasting friendships, plenty of empty beer cans. Thanks for putting together this great site, it really put a smile on my face.
Don Roberts
(FC2"SW" , 1988-1991)
Outstanding Sight. I will admit that the Saginaw was the best ship that I have served on because of the crew and our tightness. Great job.
Michelle & Toni Broerman
Your sister in-law just wanted to say "Hi"
Steve Stephens
(L/Cpl, 90-91)
Operation Desert Storm. "U.S.M.C."
(MS3, 1973-1977)
Ken Bradberry
(YN2, 1984-1988)
I served under Cmd Fagan and Cmd Bugarin "talked to him last year", great ship. I managed to see the world, the best were unscheduled because we broke down in front of them. #1 engine room fire got us 30 days in Italy. Great site, Thanks!!!
Rusty Armstrong
(e-4, 90-91)
usmc shield/storm..................was a good old ship
Ralph Lyons
(ETR-2, 1972-1975)
E-mail me @ SM-1 Tom Pruitt made the flag, it was a 59 degree roll how many more of us are there out there? I still have the recording roll meter my brother and I made. Best wishes to all!!!
Lyons again For anyone's info- My brother, Dave lives in Everett Wash, Mike Price lifes in Mule Creek, New Mexico, Harry Elam is in Wash DC Does anybody remember the time I climbed the mast at midnite? Forklift races or the first time "THE FLAG" was unfurled? I still draw the mushroom and have it on the wall where I work. Didn't we all learn a lot in the Nav?
Gary Cole
(OSSR-OS2, 1985-1989)
I sailed thousands of miles on her and have many fond memories. I still remember the main-space fire like it was yersterday, and the "Clean-Sweep" of 89, and the extremely rough waters of the Fyords in the North Atlantic. I was "mess-crankin" at the time and we took a 57' roll and a fork slided off the officers' table and stuck into the bulkhead and all of the port side porthole in the mess blew out! lol. I led OI division through the best AmphibRefTra ever recorded. I went back to Virginia to go see some old freinds and went onboard while they were turning her over to the Australians. If there is anybody out there that still remembers me, feel free to say hello. I am working overseas in Germany as a Senior Network Controller for Europe. My E-Mail address is:
(S/SGT USMC, 1972-1979)
Todd Selig
(EX RAN , 1994-1996)
I was one of the original RAN commissioning crew on the SAGINAW (now HMAS KANIMBLA) that spent 10 mths in LITTLE CREEK NORFOLK VA and delivered it safely back to AUSTRALIA.The ship definetly needed some major repairs & SHIPS HUSBANDRY(which was done at the LUMUT NAVAL YARD IN MALAYSIA in MID 1995 as it is cheaper)The Ship has finally finished its conversion (along with FAIRFAX COUNTY) after four long years and millions of dollars overbudget looks totally different now, they have cut the big horns at the bow,We had a top time in NORFOLK did not do much work while we were their though mainly swimming in the base pool and going on trips to Amusement parks and making nuisance of ourselves at the local VA.This is a great site hope it gets bigger.
Shawn D. Terry
(EN3, 1988-1990)
Thanks for the site, it brings back alot of good memories!
Harry Elam
(Ens-Lt j.g., 1972-1975)
EMO-Comm 73-74, Asst 1st Lt. 75. Most maneuverable ship in the Navy. Controllable pitch and Bow Thruster allow movement in any direction. Anybody know what an MR-5 is/was?
Lyons ETR2 Yes, Harry I know what the MR5 was and I wish we really had let it go over the side that night!! I remember too what an MR3 is/was, do you? I believe I still have the book on both of them. And I still think the Aussies wrecked our boat! See you later!
Thomas R Wagner
(EN3, 1983-1984)
Worked in #2 eng room will get pictures sent to this web This is great
Gerard (Jerry) Schrader
(EM3, Oct 70-May 74)
Plank Owner and Shell Back
Stephen Gombaski (GUMBY)
( E-4, 1988-1991)
To any one I served with that may read this I would like to say hello. E-mail:
Reginald Colar
(MS3, 1992 -1994)
Great site Brad! Proud to be one of the last crewmembers to serve aboard this great ship. The time was short, but sweet!
Mercedes Pabon
(SM3, 1971-1975)
Hey!!! Remembering that 59 degree roll. I almost went over the side from the signal bridge. Thank God for railings.
Rich Brodmann
(ENCS(SW), 1987-1993)
Hey Brad Great Job! I retired from the "Nav" in May 2000. Enjoying retirement in Norfolk, VA!
ETR-2 Lyons again I'm seeing names I haven't seen in years! Nice to see Pabon... mail me and say hi. Same for Tuch and
Lyons Same for Tuch and anybody else (us old timers) I still practice emptying beer cans!! Best wishes to all
Brad Broerman
(EM2, 1987-1991)
If anyone has suggestions for improving the site, I would greatly appreciate them! Also, if anyone would like to share pictures, or stories, please send them to me, and I'll put them online!
Philip Zerbe
(SN, 1973-1975)
Great to see old friends from way back when! I "came of age" on that damn ship! I was 17 then. Clark H. and Santucci warped me like older juvenile deliqunet brothers! Never been the same, no sir. Fond memories of a cook attacking me because he thought I was the devil... starry nights on the aft...Email me dudes:
(HT3, 1976-1978)
Dan Duffy
(SMSN, 72-75)
Wow - 3 days bread and water in the Saginaw brig - 50 something degree roll that hung there for eternity - watching Augie roll back and forth across the sig bridge - abducted in Naples - knocked out in Tortola - apollo - cypress - smoking camel shxx - ouzo - the purple onion - hungry helen - boones farm, mj and 3/2 beer a deadly cobmination - pepermint beach club - snorton norton on the mast - playing spades - teaching Santucci how to drink beer - big jim parker - the black angus in san juan - my best bud Z - bug juice - ships parties on veagues w/formaldahyde beer - Most of the worst and a few of the best days of my life....Thanks for the establishing this site!
Philip Zerbe
(SN, 1973-1975)
Thanks for the list Dan. I often tell these stories but lately I wonder if they really happened, especially the camel sh** and the my night at the Black Angus.
James (Jim) E. Wright, II
(RM2, 1971-1973)
I remember all the good times (and there really were some) with a shipmate named James D. Seago, from San Antonio, Texas. There was the six month cruise to the Med and two three month cruises to the Carib. One of the better times was being in drydock in Philadelphia, cause we could come home on the weekends. I'll never forget the rocking and rolling on the best ship in the Navy. Does anyone remember the picnic we had on some island in the Carib. while our "grunts" were playing war games? Each sailor was allocated two beers. That was one of the good times. Thanks for this opportunity. I don't miss being in the Navy, but I do miss the guys in communications: radio, signal bridge and cic. Thanks, Jim
(MS3, 1973-1977)
D Duffy Clark - I believe that your memory serves you correct in regard to the PS.... can't say I recall him choosing his targets so discriminately
Dave F James
(Bm3, 6/76-6/80)
It feels great to hair from friends of the Sag.
Wm. (fergie) Ferguson
(EN3, 2/77-9/79)
Mr.Travis (hard to break habits), glad to see your name on the site.. I got out before all #%$&(broke loose with Bob Betts. Hamm, good to see your name on site-where's Smitty (EN1), last I heard he was headed for Iowa to do recruiting. I also remember Fiore and James. I am still in touch with very few of our shipmates. Any you guys want to contact me (703) 330 -2364 or WWW.Wfcoalrun@aol
ETR-2 Lyons You really do have to check this site on a regular basis. Any of you guys get to Sequim, Washington my phone number is (360)683-0731. Call and we will try to empty a few berr cans!
Brad Broerman
(EM2, 1987-1991)
Just a note to everyone to check the News section...
Bob Graf
(FT, 1970-1972)
Plank owner & Shell back Anybody remember hitting the pier in Gitmo and having to the whole time there at anchor?
Gregory Pope
(ICFN-IC2 , 1988-1990/2)
OMFG Brad, Well done sir!!! I just came back from a trip to the Saginaw. MI Museam today, they have the original Capt's Boat from the origanl Sag that sank off Hawaii... this site is incredable, any one from the Old A&E gang feel free to Email me at GWPOPE@QWEST.NET BTW if ya dont remeber me Im in Picture two behind IC2 Georges.. WHAT a trip!!
Jeff Emrick
(HM3, 1985-1989)
Was on the Saginaw with my Marines to Teamwork 88.
JF Willis
(SM2, 1981-1985)
This was my home for 3 years and 9 months. I appreciate this website. Was wondering what the old girl has been up to...Thanks.
Aces and eights forever!
Hey Aussie, take care of my girl, eh?
Mark Davidson
(POCSS, 1994-1996)
I was one of the Aussies sailors who went to Little Creek in 94 to bring her back to Aust. I would like to say thanks to the US crew of the ship, the OS's and Frank (FC1, now CPO) still playing darts mate? For putting up with us, and our sea training group (we did'nt mean to wake you guys up at 2300 fighting fires etc) The old girl is up and running now. She can roll all right. Thanks for the memories guys, and for being excellent hosts. Cheers Davo
Gene Kocmich
A great ship with a solid gold crew. I have great memories and shipates who are still good friends. Good job on putting this website together.
R.M. Nolte
1st Bat. 8th Marines
"C" comp. 1st plt.
(Cpl., Oct. 89-Apl.90)
Excellent site.Didn't realize how much I'd forgotten about our Med. float until I saw this site.I fondly remember being kicked out of hiding places by the Navy while we were trying to sleep and get out of working parties during the day!! ha ha!
john day
(rm2sw, 86-91)
Lee H. (Luke) Lucas
(RM2, 76-79)
Great site; brings back some extraordinary memories...reftra, cattle cars, 25 foot hammerhead sharks, at least 5 caribs, 3 med cruises in 1 year...escorting the USS RAY back from the med & the PHM's back from Panama...without a doubt, the best ship I served on in my 20 years. Sorry to hear bout CDR Mac, only served under him a short time, but he was A#1 in my book. You Aussies take good care of her...she is a beautiful lady!
Tom Smiley
(ET1(SW), 90-93)
Brings back many memories. Got a chance to see the old girl during my last West Pac. Also many pictures of the Sag before the conversion on the wall of a bar in Sidney.
Aloha All
ETC(SW) To Smiley
Yes I am Still in.
Leo DeMoulin
(HM2, 1976-80)
Great job on web site. Brings back memories, most good!
John Toye
(fN, 1977-1979)
Greetings everyone. Glad to see a few familiar names on the site. I worked in M-division with Scott Patterson, Wes Perry, George (birdlips) Johnson, Bill Ledford, Dave Coward, Tom Gillock, Paul Abrahamson, Mark Berman and Bill Apperson to name a few. What a crowd to hang-out with! Fergie hope all is well. Remember those refueling like it was yesterday. Have you heard from Butch? I too left the ship before the bottom fell out with the Betts thing. I have recently got a hold of Wes Perry and George (birdlips) Johnson. They are doing great. I retired from the Navy in September 1998 as an Engineering LDO LT (I'm sure some of you may find it hard to believe if you remember me from back then). I enjoyed my days growing up on the SAGINAW as a very young man. I was 17 when I reported and 19 when I departed. Nothing but fond memories our the Med, Carribean, and North Atlantic cruises. Not to mention the Panama Canel transit. Mr. Coons and ENS Kin Kin were the MPA's I served with. If you have any additional info from that time period, please feel free to email me at Thanks and hope you all are well and enjoying life!!! On a humorous note, you may remember I was nominated by the crew to be the one to blue-ball Baby Hugi while the rest of the snipes held him down in #2 EOS. He was then found later hanging from the stern anchor screaming that he was going to jump. We all had to answer to the Cheng after that one! Take care.
Rich Brodmann
(ENCS(SW), 1987-1992)
Hey Brad....You're doing a GREAT JOB on this Web Page! Thanks...It brings back memories..
virgil king
(bm1, 1981-1984)
when i was a seaman i hated this beast i now miss and love her the friend s like bob durfee eric hatter frank castlebeery i even miss the old aft deck watch i think often of marg 2 82 never thought i would miss her this much ausy she will give you a life time of memorys treat her kind and she will get you home
John Howard
(CDR, 88-90)
Wow, I just stumbled on to this site. Great job Brad!!! Two weeks ago I bumped into one of my old XOs - Phil Briscoe. He's the Commodore at Beach Group Two now! I'm retired in Virginia Beach, about to move to southern Oregon, but my email will remain the same. I've bookmarked this site and will drop back often.
Rick Keough
(EM3, 1971)
Was part of the first crew for 40 days in '71, till hospitized and never did get to see her afloat. I would have sure enjoyed serving aboard her.
Russell J.Ledford, MAC(SW)
(GMG3-GMG1, 80-82-85-89)
The Saginaw was my first Ship and will always hold a special place in my heart. I have served with alot of people in my 21 years in the Navy, but still to this day I have several close friends that I met on the Saginaw. The Best Commanding Officer I served with was CDR Mcguire, and the Best Chief I ever worked for was GMGC(SW) Larry England. Both of these fine Sailors I served with on the USS Saginaw. The person that inspired me to convert to the Master-at-Arms rate was MA1 Bill Leon, who I had the honor of serving with on the Saginaw. I am proud to serve on the Saginaw and I hopew she has may good years ahead of her. Her name may have changed, but she will always be the USS Saginaw to me.
MAC(SW) Russell J. Ledford
Paul (Nick) Steffen
(IC1, 1980-1982)
I retired from the Navy in 1994 as an ICCS. That was a very interesting tour. Especially on the North Antlantic cruise. If you were never on an LST, you cannot understand what bad weather does to that ship!!
Jerry Warmkessel
(RM2, 84-88)
Saginaw was my first ship and UNITAS 85 was my first cruise. What a way to start a Naval Career. I have a lot of Great memories and have seen a few folks. Capt (ret) Bugarin, RADM Marshall (XO), and LCDR Bonsall (COMMO). RM2 John Day - give me a holler sometime good buddy!!
james m bridgett
(EN2, 1976-1976)
onbord for only a short while but i still remember the good times.anybody remember me you can contact me at
Paul Rubino
(Ensign, 1989-1990)
Great website. It is great that the ship lives on when many of her sisters do not.
Ralph Lyons Paul Rubino..... Any relation to a "Woody" Rubino who was an ensign in about '74? Just had to ask!
Ken Johnston
(BM3, 70-72)
Bob Graf, I remember hitting the pier everytime we came into Gitmo. Still have the "Hemi"? Great sight.
Don Kersey
(HM3, 72-73)
Great to see this site. Good memories of Aruba, Panama, Vieques, and Gitmo. Anyone know where I can get souvenirs with USS Saginaw on it, prefer a CO's ballcap?
Ralph Lyons Not only did we hit the pier a lot in Gitmo, but Capt Brown hit the city pier in Livorno Italy, and we were always hitting the pier at Little Creek or knocking the lights over etc. We had a small hole in the Starboard side up by the bow for a long time from a tug trying to prevent the loss of a pier light! Some years back Harry Elam went on board and talked the CO out of a hat and a coffee mug for myself and my brother. I will ask if any of that is still available. I think I have a copy of the stamp that the government of the BVI issued commerating our visit to Tortola, and I will find it and at least make color copies for any of you guys. Anybody heard from Butch Vaughn, or Gary Ballard? Best wishes to all - Ralph
William Brown
(1st LT, USMC, 1971)
Served aboard the USS Saginaw on her first Medeterrain Deployement in 1971 as part of the Marine assualt company.
John Van Sickel
(Ltjg-MPA, 1972-1975)
Just found this site and it is great! Was saddened to learn of the passing of Capt. McLaughlin, one of the best Captains a ship ever had. I remember the role meter from CANUSEX and the reading in the "True Gator" area. A guy I work with was down in Tortola last year and the Guy who ran the Smugglers Cove hotel/bar was still there. I was in Australia last year and saw the HMAS Kanimbla tied up in Newcastle still being worked on. It sure looked different with the derrick arms gone and the deck house doubled in size. Best wishes to all you former shipmates.
Ralph Lyons John - I still have the "electronic" roll meter that my brother and I made. It read 59 to stbd and 52 to port! I was in the ET shop when it rolled, and Mercedes Pabon almost went over the signal bridge. When Harry Elam was skipper of the Lockwood, he had it in his stateroom, and sent it back when he transfered. I've said it before, but call or write, and if any one gets close to Sequim, Washington - I have cold beer! Good to see your name, and best wishes
Edward L. Ellis
(BM2, 12/78-08/82 10)
Hello shipmates
(SKSN, 1973-1976)
Please read my "quotes" under "messages"
If you are offended, I apol....., no I don't
I'll try and add to them when I sober up
James H. Lehman
(BT3, 1977-1979)
John I can't beleive you didn't remember me in
your comments. Really liked the website.What is the Bett's incident...

Contact me :
(EN2, 72-75)
I was A-Gang LPO and Capt. gig eng.on carib.cruse and med.cruse.and i rember that big roll we took a trash can and a ENFN landed on me im looking for a ship mate an MR2 bill Vansig i think that is how he spilled his last .
Ralph Lyons You really do have to check this site regularly!! I remember you and it's good to hear and see your name here. Last I knew, Bill Vancek (I think that is how he spelled it) was married to a lady from Virginia Beach and was going to move back to the Vancouver, Washington area which was where his mother lived. I too have tried to look him up but haven't had any luck. Let me know if you find him. Also Mike Price and I have tried to find Jim Airheart (?) who was from Kansas around Manhattan. You know, we might not have liked that boat, but some of the people were sure what made the difference! Best Wishes - Ralph
tom gillock
(fn, 75-79)
i have all good memerry of my four years. but i cant remember thare name. but i can remember what we call you maget,chickerhawk,abe,bill ledford,g.johnsonjust to name a fuw.i hope to hear frum you
Marion Miller
Ralph like you i also have a full set of those stamps I have them under glass to protect them.I will try to get them scaned an put in if you can't .Bill was a good man we were close his first wife (Kathey) i thinkused to go out now and again to the old ACEY-DUCEY club,I rember a man in M-Div. we called magot that was his nick name any body rember a BM2 Hendrick he was the cox.for the capt. gig . I see ENC scarlett every once in awile he retired here in S.C. and the last time i talked to him he had his own lawn service. He has keep in touch with some of the guys from the ship if and when i see him again i will tell him about this web site I think he will like it
Ralph Lyons Marion, good to hear back from you! Where in SC are you? Lonnie (Butch) Vaughn ETN3 was living in Anderson, and I sent him my last (I think) set of the stamps along with some pictures of my 20th wedding celebration. Then, next time I called him it was no longer his number! Butch drove truck I think after he got out, and maybe that is true now again. Anyway, if you get the chance, his last address was on Northview Drive in Anderson. Next time you see Chief Scarlet please say hello for me too, I really liked him. Putting the stamp on this site would be a great idea especially for the guys that were after us. Have you ever heard from Jim Parker or some of the other HT's? Take care and PLEASE do keep in touch - Best Wishes - Ralph
Lyons again I posted a message in "messages" regarding the stamps. Anybody who wants a copy let me know.
Best Wishes - Ralph
Howie Baird
(SHSN, 1979-1983)
Rock And Roll!
Mike Austin
(OS2, 1987-1991)
Nice site, I like to look at all the old names. They bring a lot back. I was sad to see that the old ship is now gone. If you would like to contact me my email address is
Brandi Wesley I was wondering if anyone here knows my uncle. Tex "Rick" Manuel II. I was hoping to get a hold of some of his old friends as a suprise. If you know him and would like to drop me a line I would really appreciate it. Thank You!
my e-mail is
Philip Cadarette
(EM2, 1973-1976)
Stumbled across this site yesterday (11-26-01) and flashed back as if 25+ years hadn't passed. I was the WCS for Engineroom #2 in my last year and worked with "Maggot", "Tuna / Monster Head", "Fig" and the Simpson Bros. What a group and what a great time. Thanks for the memories!
(SN, 1971-1973)
Outstanding site.Would like to hear from any shipmates i served with.I retired from the naval reserves as a BM1.25 years's hard to believe it has been 30 years.I would like to know the address or phone # of either Phil Roden,Mick Bohon,Phil Parquette,Don Baxter.Iwas back in Little Creek in 2000,it's not the same without the Saginaw there.I have great memories of being an assault boat coxswain on the Saginaw. Remember GO NAVY/BEAT ARMY.
Mike "Mac" McAfee
(FN, 76-79)
WOW! Great site...
I was one of the "Motley Crew of # 2" Engine room with Pat "Lepprecan" Maloney, Bob Betts, Jim Lehman, Henry Ash, Kerr Dawg and Dennis "Ski" (something Polish) to name a few. I also remember well John Toye (still have the hot Vega you bought from Betts)? Many great (yet fuzzy) times with the turd chasers like Fiore, Tim "Hillbilly" Simmons, Ron "Tree Trunk" Trees and some of the others. Lot's of good times in M div. with "Garlock", "Chicken Hawk", Jim "Oscar" Johnson, Tuna, Smitty, Pat Finley (ENC), Jimmy Patti, Matt "Bugs" Moran, "Fergie" and Butch Lecalsie (sp?). Hello to Pete Travis, Mr C (Joe Coons), Mr Kinkin, Master Chief John Laramore and everyone else from 76 to 79.
I am still fond of saying that I hated it for 4 years but look back with fond memories! Take care all!
Bill Johnson
(Cpl, USMC, 1981-1989)
Saginaw was the last 'gator I served on before I got out of the Corps. I was with Weapons Company, 1st Bn, 6th Marines during Solid Shield '89.
Perry Corbett
(YN2, 77-80)
Ron Roades
(ENCM (SW), 1988-1993)
Last week Joe Alvarez (ENCM (SW) and myself were setting in my office talking about the Saginaw. So we decided to surf the net to see if the Sag had a website. We couldn't believe what we saw. It's nice to see that some guys still care about the old lady. She had her problems, buy we all took care of her until the end. Joe Alvarez and my self are DOD contractors in the DC area. We support the Surface Combatant fleet on all engineering issues. I still run into some guys up here and we talk about the good old days. I still miss it after being retired 8 years ago. Take care and I'll keep in touch.

Ron Roades
(ENCM (SW), 1988-1993)
Forgot to give you our e-mail address's and numbers
Ron Roades - (703) 415-4667 x115
Joe Alvarez - (703) 253-3109
David Shank
((YN2) YNC (RET), 1975-1977)
Thanks, great site, Chief Dalton, PN1 Yatzo or YN2 Searifino, it you find this site drop me an email (
Eric Burkett
(L/Cpl., 82) 1982 Beruit Seeing this web site brought back a lot of memories.
Ronald McKenzie
(RM3, 1971-1973)
I am really glad that I came across this website, It has really brought back some good memories.
RM3 Ronald McKenzie again Just want to add that the pictures in this site are great. Just wish I would have took some back in 72 to send in. Yes, I remember you Jim Wright. I just hope you remember me.
Ronald McKenzie
(RM3, 1971-1973)
Just wanted to add that I remember "AUGIE" from the signal gang to. It has been quite a while and i forget alot of the names but can anyone remember a guy we called big dumb in the radio gang? Anyway, just wanted to place my email address incase aanyone wanted to get a hold and talk about old times.
ken childs
(bm3, sept 72-july 76)
Good site, thanks. I have tried to forget the saggy years. could not wait to get off the that boat. But in reflection, those were the years of great adventure and memories. Lyons, Iremeber the roll meter. I thought it was 60. all i remember is looking out the bridge wing and only seeing water. semed like the boat stayed there for ever. I ran small boats as a cox. I really hated when swells would build against the ships side and make it quit hazardust to hoot up to the davit blocks. Remeber the corgo boom that bent in half. The flooding in the forward compartments. how about the fire foam malfunction that coverd the whole aft deck. This site has brought me fond thoughts both good and bad.
Lyons Good to see both of you here! Although he wasn't dumb I think you remember Nick Morelli. Ken, I have the roll meter back again, it went back in the navy when Harry Elam was skipper of USS Lockwood, and lived in his stateroom! Best wishes to all...
Fred Kinkin
(Ltjg, 78-80)
Stumbled across this site - brought back a lot of old memories! I was the MPA for three years and was also responsible for A-Gang for about 18 months. CO's during this period were Cdr Brierley and CDR McGuire. Good to see several names of snipes on the registry like Mike McAfee, Pete Travis, Bill Ferguson, Joe Ledford, John Toye etc. The M Division group was a great bunch of characters! I stayed on active duty for 9 years and recently retired from the Naval Reserves. I joined BOC Gases, a global industrial gas manufacturer, in 1986 and now serve as VicePresident, Distribution and Logistics for our North American operations. My email is
Bill Tomlinson
(HT , 1980-1984)
Howie, I hope you gave up cutting hair.You were a little better on the drums. ILAILAILA
James Case
(L/Cpl, 1982)
Was a Marine on the Saginaw in 1982 when she took us to Lebanon. I was on three different ships when I was a Marine and the Saginaw was my favorite even though we rarely had any A.C. in our compartment.
Pete Travis
(LTjg/DCA, 1976-1979)
LCPL Case: You guys would've had AC in the Troop compartments if you didn't drink all the chilled water from the AC system. It was only after I poured a gallon of concentrated laxitive into the system and the word got out that life at sea for the Marines (and us sailors) was comfortable again. ALL the best, and I'm glad you enjoyed the Saginaw's hospitality.
Charlie Lewis Harrington
(BMC(SW/AW) (RETIRED), 1988-1991)
Hey shipmates you can E-mail me at
ken Childs
(BM3, 72-76)
It is good to hear from all the jokers that sailed. It looks like Lyons is holding the bunch together. Thanks for the glue Ralph. As i have read though the comments the memories are many. I remember M. Miller on the cpts. gig. how about our sea pappy BM1 Feilds. I remember Baby Hughy, strange fellow he was.And my personal pain in the side LTJG Sullivan God's gift to Ops. I look forward to hearing from more of you guys.
Jerry Hamm
(MR2, 76-78)
Was just looking at all the new names that have came up on the pages lately. Sure reconized alot of them. I ended up finally joining the reserves and retired out of there as a chief MR. I still keep in touch with Joe Macurak en3. He lives near Butler PA. Also him and I went to Pontiac MI for Greg Hawn's wedding . Last I new he still lives there. Hey Mac McAfee nice seeing that nobody has shot you yet. also hello to you Fergy, Its like they say served with hundreds, remember maybe twenty names. But all it takes is start telling old sea stories and suddenly another name pops up.
Lyons Hi to you too, Ken. It is a lot of fun reading some of the stories again and realizing that those who came after us had some of the same problems! A name from our past is Harry Elam. His daughter in law puts out a very nice family website at You might get a charge out of some of the photos and stories. Harry was up here for a visit a couple of years ago, and it was like old home week. Take care of yourself and if you ever get up this way...... Write or call if you want too or e-mail to best wishes - Ralph
Mike McAfee
(FN, 76-79)
Jerry Hamm: Nope, nobody has tried to shoot me lately although I have dodged a few bullets in my younger years! However, today I'm just a laidback middle aged cowboy doin some horse dentistry out in Central California! Good to see you on here and very nice to see that Greg Hawn is still around! Drop me a line if you wish...
Look forward to hearing from you or ANYONE else!
Rick Rivera
(Lance Corporal USMC, UNITAS XXVI)
Trying to re-live old times and stumbled accross this site. Sad to hear they decommisioned the old girl. Some of the best times I had in the Corps happened while stationed aboard that ship. I remember the adrenaline pumping trying to hit the ramp just right in our AAVs and I can still hear the bell of the turntable rotating. One of my staffs lost his front teeth on the ship after he did a faceplant coming down a ladder. My hope is they are still floating around in her as a memento of our visit. Thanks to all you guys that helped guide us in to her after our ops.
Allison E. March
(FT1, 1950-1951)
I was on the USS Renshaw DDE-499 on July 28, 1951 when a submarine sonar contact was obtained. When it failed to identify itself it was attacked for 29 hours by five different ships in TE 95.11. This happened in the Yellow Sea about 125 miles west of Inchon, South Korea. The sixth ship in TE 95.11 protecting the two carroers (USS Sicily CVE-118 and the HMS Glory) was the HMAS Warramunga D-123.
I would like to hear from crewmembers on the Warramunga concerning their memories of this event. My e-mail address is: Another shipmate on the Renshaw and I have written a book (206 copies, published in 1998) on this attack. It is now on this website: To read the book's contents, click on the top center tab. A new window comes up. Then click on the choice (View os HTML). The book's chapters and t
Todd Selig
(Ex RAN, 1994-1996)
Would any USN sailors no the whereabouts of BM3 Steve Casavant and clerk Randall Mcmaster who served on the USS Saginaw in 1994,they took us out and showed us the Nighlife around Norfolk and Virginia Beach all the time.I would like to get in contact with them.
John Cook
(DCC(SW), 1989-1992)
It's good to see a site for the Saginaw.The more participation, the better the site will become. Keep up the good work.
Norman Rogers
(SN, 72-74)
Hey - what a great website! How the years have gone by. I forget names...remember being the first ship to pull into Tortola BVI. Got invited with some of the officers to Govenor's reception...and was carried back to the ship in the early morning hours...wish i could remember all the names....such great memories...!
Ralph Lyons I remember you too! Unfortunately, we do forget most of the names, but sometimes with a little jog we remember. Good to see you. We could do no wrong on Tortola could we!! If you want a color copy of the stamp set, send me your address and I will mail you one.. Best Wishes and take care - Ralph
Jim Waldron (WALDO)
(FTG 3, 72-76)
Cant beleve Deweese slept more on his feet than in his rack. EM club .75 cent happy hour and still managed to spend entire payday. Straws in my FRO. Driving Duffys truck back with 3 wheels. Anybody-What was port that claimed to have 112 bars. Tried but only made it to 4. Camel sht,gun mag buds,ft shop burbon,reefer decks with, well, reef,movies on fan tail,reefer decks again,whos sleeping in crows nest,EDIE WILLIAMS with a little help from Clark, Tuch we need to clean air filters,we'll do mine first. Compartment cleaning rocks, Still dont know how those guys stuck fox tails through that thing. Tuch,Clark I hear Jolly Roger calling us, lets do it @July 02. Maybe we can get Dangerous Dan also. My turn to call.
(LTCOL , 1990-1991)
Had the pleasure of being CO of Troops during Desert Shield/Storm with L 3/2. Your site brings back lots of great memories.
Lee Hattabaugh Thanks very much for the site.. I am using the info as part of a gift for my dad, Roger L. Hattabaugh. See the message board for add'l info.
Leonard Hook
(ENCS, 1970-1972)
This is an excellent site. Reading some of the comments brought back a lot of good memories of a lot of professional sailors. Mr Kocmich I still have your recipe for boheminan sausage. I doubt if most of you have enough hard drive space to hold all the stories I could tell.I retired in '75 and then went to work for the Navy at SupShip Bath, ME. Then retired from there.I went to the decommission at Little Creek. Was told there that Capt Brown had passed away. I never thought that there could be so much emotion attached to a ship. Would love to hear from former Saginaw crew members. E-mail..
Charles Stribling
(Midn 1/c, 1974-1974)
Although I only spent a Middie Cruise on Saginaw, an unforgettable time-The Turks invading Cyprus, missing Barcelona and Dependents Charter Flight, LeBossier jumping overboard, the dead cow in the water, etc. What a way to get introduced to sea duty. Made 4 years on JFK seem tame. cs
Dan Duffy Charles - thanks for the sanity check. I've been wondering for a long time if I really saw that cow.
Kevin Wallach
(YN3, 92-Decom)
Thanks for giving us all a place to remember the SAG. I was onboard for the 92 MARG, SAG's last long voyage. I was with her until we took the flag down the last time and turned to keys over to the Aussies.
Glenn Thomas
(LTjg, 1975-1978)
Was Assistant 1st Lieutenant - relieving Harry Elam before moving to CIC. Great seeing the names of people I served with. The Saginaw was a good ship and I enjoyed my 3 years aboard her - have many great memories. Thanks for keeping the wed site up.
Douglas V. Crowder
(EN2, 1976-1978)
Seems like forever ago. Good times and good friends.
(L/CPL USMC, 8/90-4/91)
Mike McAfee
(FN, 76-79)
Hey Doug Crowder!!!!! Seems like just yesterday that you were the best man in my wedding! Well bud, Dani and I split in 1980 and I've been re married for 20 years this time! Drop me a line Doug!
Phil Cadarette
(EN2, 1973-1976)
I have been checking the guestbook on occassion to see if I could pick up familiar names. Does anyone out there remember Charley "Tuna" (aka Monster Head), Robbie and Royce Simpson, EN1 Steve Hall or "Maggot" Millican?
Terry Paggi
(Cpl-USMC, 08/77-11/77)
First and last time on a LST! Had some great times in Torremelinos, Spain.
Danny Hansen (speedy)
(en3, 1993-decom)
just like to say whats up to all my brothers. The sag was the best time of my life. If anyone has a picture of the crew when it decommissioned please email me
Jim Poehlman
(EM2, 87-91)
I'll never forget: Rosy Roads, Mombasa, Haifa, Naples, Palma, Tormellinos, Bornholm Island Denmark, Puerto Cortes Honduras, UAE, Oman, Newport RI, Great Women, Great Times, Great Crew. I'll take a Med at 21 over a Pac at 34 any day.
Dave Whisennant
(EN2, 11/80-7/83)
Mike Hines - EN1 sent me the link to this site. 20 years now....WOW! It was nice to some old ship mates signed on. Hope all are going well!
Jeffery C. Acfalle
(QM3, 1984-1988)
Enjoyed the Bridge watches and the water hours.
Michael O'Hara
(OS3, 1989-1993)
Great website! I have fond memories serving aboard the ship and will keep them with me for the rest of my life!
Lou wojcik
(E3 A gang, 1970-1971)
I was part of the crew during precom training in Little Creek and Norfolk. I still have a copy of the picture of the Saginaw hitting the Pier, it was published in Little Creek base Newspaper.
I also won the first pinocle Tournament among the crew with a second class storekeeper as a partner who's name escapes me. After winning the tournament I was transfered out and never did get the engraved plate mailed to me but recieved the trophy.
I remember seeing the sign up sheet for the tourney and being a pinocle lover I signed up. After partners were assigned I was walking through one of the crew area's and my partner was playing cards and I asked him what he was playing. I had never played double deck before nor heard of it as I grew up playing single deck. He panicked and sat me down and for the next couple days we played as much as we could. As luck would have it , our play styles complimented each others and the cards helped us win it all.
Lou Wojcik
(E3 Agang, 1970-1971)
My email
Ralph Lyons Lou - I don't think that pier 15 was fixed, as I have pictures of a bow-shaped gash in it. We also hit the city pier in Livorno I think, and for a while we had a nice hole on the stbd side forward where a tug bumped us pretty hard to keep us from knocking down another light pole on pier 17 (i think) with the dreick arms! Just call the skipper of Saginaw Capt Crunch! See you later 0 Ralph
Jeff Donaldson
(E-3, 1983-1987)
I reported to the Saginaw as a kid and left as man, she gave some experiences I would never have had.
James Case (again)
Mr.Pete Travis,
I have no clue what you are talking about. I know of no Marines aboard the Saginaw when I was aboard her that drank from the a.c. system. The scuttlebutts worked fine. But apparently you served aboard the Saginaw a few years before I did. I was on two LSTs (Spartenburg County being the other) and both had A.C. problems. What long term affect does laxative have on A.C. lines? :-)
Take care and best wishes!
Bob Puente
(En3, 1970-1972)
To FT Graf, I have a picture of the pier in GITMO.
I also remeber the Sunday beach parties in the Med.M-Div was the reason for the two beer chits.
I was on the consol in main control when we attempted to leave Genoa without a pilot. This site brought back some great memories. Thnks
Bob Puente
(En3, 1970-1972)
Ft. Graf Do you remember a time in Virginia Beach when we were in your car and we wound up in the Virginia Beach jail. Seems ther was a miscommunication over a hand jesture and something about underage embibing.
Jason Blankenship
(PNSN, 1991-1992)
This a cool site !!! I found this site and certainly brought back a lot of memories. I had some good times on the good ole saggyballs.
Pete Simeone
(EM2, 1982-1986)
Hope all is well with those who served aboard "1188"
Lee H. Goldsmith
(BM3, 87-91)
This is a great site. It brings back lots of memories. Thank you
philip t paquette
(gmg3, 1972-1975)
like to hear from dan duffy,jim
(EM2, 83-87)
I had a grand ole time on the Sag and made sure everyone that was whith me had a memorable expieriance also.Would like to hear from some of my old crew.BIGMIKE@BRADS.NET
Dean Summerville
(HN, 84-86)
Joe Roman
(EN3, 1985-1989)
It was the best of times and it was the worst of times. To all my fellow M-DIV shipmates - I survived and I am doing well.
Ken Childs
(BM3, 72-76)
I would be interested if anyone ever heard about a ship yard ghost. Sometimes seen on the foreward turn table. Or is it something like relative bearing grease, that I went after one time.
phil paquette
(GMG3, 72-75)
Ralph Lyons Ken - I,too remember the story about the shipyard worker and the forward turntable. I believe I was able to find out that no one died on board during construction, and I never saw a ghost, only marines down there. Chief Scarlet was the one who told me no one had died. Sometime it would be fun to run down all the wierd rumors that were started both before and after we were on board! Best Wishes - Ralph
Howard D Matthew
(EM2, 1974-1977)
Ralph, do you remember Price's zebra stripped jeep?? I enjoyed this web site! I do not like what the Aussies did to her!! I do remember the chart on the amo hoist in the Et shop, and I do think we should have a reunion!!!
James L. Minix
(Cpl./E4, 79-82)
Hi guy's I was on the sag during the 79 carib and the 79/80 med floats. I was the dumbassed jarhead that flooded the the barbershop, Staff NCO quarters, Disbursing office (and ruined that sailers bible collection) I guess that I created quite the mess. I remember they made me clean it up, So I started throwing pails of water out of the door right next to the barber shop, and all the dissolved bible paper turned to paper mache and loaded all the nonskid on the flight deck with it. We couldnt get mail for a couple of weeks. And from what I am told the squids couldn't get paid for quite some time because of the condition I had put the disbursing office in. Oh what a mess but oh what a memory. Sorry about those days guys. But thank's Brad for the great web site and refreshing these memories.

James Minix
harry fearon
(bm, 83-86)
i still remember the first ay i walked down the pier and said what the hell is that! i was just 17. i grew up with the sag and all the great guys that i met their. now i am married with three girls and i often find myself longing for the great times i had on board and in those exotic ports of call. hello to virgil, frank, the mad hatter, james medley, smith, bost, whalen, sommerville, willis, acfalle, tiannia, and the great dino. if i forgot you i appologize,it has been 20 years. i truly miss you and those wonderful times.

Ralph Lyons Howard - Damn right I remember that jeep! We will have to ask Mike what he did with it. I just sent him a note today, and hope to hear from him around Xmas. This site is full of blasts from the past. Best wishes to you and yours and the beer is cold when you get here. I wonder just how we would go about organizing a reunion and how to find the guys. Hey - have you ever heard anything from Jim Airheart? Mike and I have had no luck in finding him. Happy holidays - Ralph
Jason Berggren
(SK3(SW), 91-94(decom))
I was just surfin the net and thought I would see if I could find anything on the Saginaw and wow, Am I ever amazed. This is a great site! Keep up the great work!
Bill harris
(BM1(SW), 87-92)
i'm glad so many people want to remember saginaw. all i heard be fore i left were complaints.
Bill Bailey
(CWO4, 1987-1990)
Great site Brad, lots of memories.
Ralph Lyons To Howard Mathew - Howard, I got a note from Mike today and he reminded me that the jeep was stolen, and found in Tidewater Auto Salvage. He also reminded me about a certain ETR-2 and his '56 Chev and a treaspassing misunderstanding. I had forgotten some of that, but I suppose it's just as well. Happy New Year, and yes, I still have the chev - Ralph
Mike Price
(IC3, 1972-1976)
Happy New Year...well, maybe.

Here's my new e-mail...a link some of you might enjoy and a couple of questions.

1. Who shot the cow floating by near Cyprus?
2. What officer said "No, that isn't a Soviet helicopter coming towards us"... just before it turned and we traded goodies from the ship's store with them?
3. Anyone know the whereabouts of Jim Airheart (Norton, Kansas), Steve Hall (Monroe, Louisiana), Dave Ciampi (Medford, Mass.) and several others whose REAL names escape me at the moment?
4. Who remembers my Zebra Jeep, Yacht, fishing and crabbing expiditions or being carried back to the ship on a regular basis by me?
5. How about the day I got run over by the ship as it was pulling into the pier at Gitmo?
Mike Price
(IC3, 1972-1976)
Why does the name Howard Matthews sound familiar?

Jerry Lance
(HT, 3-80-9-82)
Just like everyone else I saw some names of old shipmates and LOTS of good memories came back. Would like to hear from some of you guys.
Ken Bradberry
(YN2, 1984-1988)
I remember we were the first U.S. ship to visit Bornholm Island, Demark in 20 years, and managed to take out part of their pier pulling in. Great place, I hope to go back there some day.
Ken Bradberry
(YN2, 84-88)
Anyone hear from Dino lately?
Joe Bradett
(FR-IC3, 1991-1994)
Seeing your sight brought back alot of memeories. I just want to say that you have keep her alive with all you have done here. I do keep in touch with EN3 Whitaker and have run into a few people from the old crew from time to time. This is a great site you have.
Ron Roades
(ENCM (SW), 8/1986-9/1993)
My office has moved and the telephone number is (703) 824-0030 x107. Joe Alvarez's is the same at (703) 253-3109. Alot of things have changed since the last entry I did back about a year ago. Emily my wife of 31 years passed away from cancer in Oct. I will miss her and I had alot of friends to get me through the hard time. It's the same up here in the DC area working for DoD. Joe and myself work for two different companies that supports the Surface Fleet in engineering. Hope to see some of you guys if we ever have a reunion. Take care
Tom ( Sonny) Rise
( GMG 2, 10/83-3/87)
Well Nice to see some old familiar names in there lets hear from some more
Albert Melia
(HM2, 72-73)
guy's i remember alot, but forget some to! the 59
0r 60 degree roll i'll not forget sickbay's fresh
water tank broke thought me and my striker were
both goners.playing pinnacale in the room eith chairs tied down.Have to fine old book of crew to
remeber more. e-mail,thanks for the memories Don Kersey & ron McKenzie i do remeber those names.
Peter J. Cabanillas
(LCPL, 1989)
Hey guys. Thanks for mending my hand when we went too Veages is. Divers hatch came down on it when i left the beach at onslow CLNC. YAT-YAS
Christopher M. Myers
(sgt usmc, 1975-1975)
Last cruise was good
George McHaley
(FTG-2, 1973-1975)
Since finding this website last week I have already contacted and heard from JJ Waldron and Phil Paquette, who I served with on several Carib. cruises and one Med. Anyone remember the NIS coming aboard and having 86 crewmen going to captains mast; Bax. spent 3 days in the brig B&W. the XO finding his uniform laid out on his bunk with a knife sticking out of his hat? He left the ship the next day. Jean Dixon predicting a ship with the aces and eights was going to sink 3 different times; and it nearly happened 3 times. #1 when the causeway got loose in the North Atlantic during Snowy Beach and knocking a big gash in the hull. #2 the ship running aground in the Carib. and flooding the starboard ballast pumproom-we steamed back to Little Creek with an 8 degree list. #3 loosing the load during condition 3 steaming at darken ship and Capt. McGloughlin firing a very pistol so the flagship in Phibron 8 wouldn't collide with us. That last time half the crew slept topside with lifejackets on. Remember the LVT going off the sterngate with the hatch open and sinking like a rock. We bent the 10 ton boom in half trying to pick it up. Donating the van to the orphanage in Aruba, getting kicked out of the yacht club in St. Thomas when the CO and Xo were drinking at the pier with the gun gang and we all stripped down to skivvies and took a swim. Price getting on the 1MC with his electric drill, firing it up and saying "this is a drill". Great times, great people, great memories.
Steven P. Shindler
(PN3, 1985-1989)
I miss all you guys! I wish had taken your addresses with me before I got out in '89. Please feel free to Email me at It was a pleasure to serve with you!
Kenneth Dunn
(BM2 , 1980-1983)
Looking at this site really took me back to the good times I shared with my shipmates. It was a great time in my life, "I miss it". I wish all the people I served with well.
Haynes Johnson
(Cpl. E-4, 8/77-11/77)
Request permission to board, Sir!: Morehead City,
North Carolina, August 1977. We sailed three weeks, avoiding a hurricane, through the Straits of Messina, Italy, past Mt. Etna volcano, and the Greek Isles, to put ashore in Turkey for Exercise Display Determination. Locals kept telling us "Shuddup". What you tellin' me to Shut Up for? Found out it meant "homemade wine", for sale. Somebody stole the Turkish flag and they were gonna hang the two guards. The Marine Corps fed us canned C-Ration chicken made in the Korean War. It was older than I was. The cook on USS Saginaw made the best bread ever and during a storm lost every pot in the Galley. Foreigner's "Hot Blooded, Check it and see" played again and again on the intercom radio. And liberty in Torremolinos, Spain, was like nothing I've ever seen or done again. My only regret is that I didn't have more time to spend on the Saginaw. It's not a job, it's an adventure.
Bill Wolfinger
(HT 3, 73-77)
Just found this sit.Though I would say hi to all.This is a great sit. brought back some good times .I live in DELHI NY. Talk about beer drinking. I OWN A BAR IN TOWN CALLED BLINKIEYS.If you ever get to delhi i will by .Take care nice to know you guy are still around.
david otto peck
(e-4 usmc, 1987-1988)
i was so gald to see the old ship serving and not scrap. keep her serving well australia.
(GMGSN-GMG2, 3/74-8/77)
Great site, Don't forget GMG? Schindler, all the talk he said about FTN I ran across him a year after I came back in, he had reenlisted, also GMG? schnieder. Anyone know where they are?
Jack Davidson
(SN, 74-76)
Where to start, deck ape, hated the first 6 months on board. Message to whatshisface Day. Kiss my ass. I have more money than you'll ever dream of having. To Wilson and Carruthers. How's it going at Rykers? To Hingle. Did you really try to screw the governers goat on Tortola? and were you the Phantom Shitter? To Paul Baer. The funniest man I knew at that time. Not because your jokes were all that great but you clearly enjoyed them. Could'nt help but laugh along.
You and I nearly single handedly painted that entire ship in dock at Newport News.To Thomas Moore. A truly decent Bama boy. You still eating out every night? Glad you talked me out of joining in the brawl at Gitmo. Loved you man. To the late Captain Bruce. You were decent, all things said and done, about the 45/45 restriction/extra duty. To the XO (can't remember your name but don't take it personally, I barely knew my own) thanks for letting me slide on my drunken sea detail helm duty pulling out of St. Thomas. Hey Becker, you still wrecking stolen jeeps in Tortola? Micheal Vichi, did you ever fulfill you aspirations of becoming a Roto-Rooter Man?
Without getting sappy let's just say I hated it and loved it. Probably have some company in that regard. Work hard and played harder. Gator Navy........looks like a fine navy day.
Great sight. Thanks.
Jack Davidson
van hayes
(en2, 85-88)
John Beard
(Deckape & Plankowner, 71-74)
Just found this site. Boy, talk about old memories! I remember some of you guys by name, some by face, some by stories. Speaking o stories, does anyone remember when we were anchored out in the chesapeake for helo ops and we were given those three old jeeps? They wouldn't run, but we scavenged parts from one to get the other two working? We then had races in the tank deck with them until the one I was driving blew its engine. I think I still hold the speed record in the tank deck of 43 mph. I remember BM Jupe bending the derick arm before commisioning because nobody unhooked the colar, so we unshipped the arm, lowered it to the pier, and took a new one that was boxed up and waiting to be loaded onto another LST when it got back to port. I always wondered what they did with that bent derrick arm. Send it back? How about the time on our first med cruise when we were anchored offshore and that storm blew up? We started dragging anchor towards the breakwater and the Capt. ordered us to get underway with the anchor still on the bottom? I remember Chief "Shaky Jake" standing there looking over the rail at the ancor chain trailing behind us and saying "Twenty seven years in the Navy and I ain't never seen nothin' like this." Has anyone heard from Alan Lincon, "Fast Eddie", "Drifty", Maynard Nash,or Ace Wallace? There are others I would like to hear from, but names escape me right now. Who was with me when we got locked inside that bar in San Juan for "Happy Hour", and the owner said,"No one in, no one out for two hours and the drinks are on the house!" I would also like to thank again the Officer (I don't remember his name) who relived me for a few seconds on the helm during the Apollo 17 launch so that I could get a look also. Like a lot of you, I hated and loved that ship. I'll check back from time to time. I just want to say thanks for the m
John Toye
(FN, 1977-1979)
Hope all is well with everyone. I am looking to get ahold of Dave Cowart and Bill Ledford from M-division. Has anyone heard from them? Drop me a line and let me know if you have. John
tom gillock
(e3 most of time, 1975-1979)
i havent seen any new name . and say hi to McAfee, john toy, wes, chicken hawk, whate was his name? g. johnson. thanks for the memerys
Bill Vancik
(MR 3 , 74-76)
Brad, You done good shipmate!! We didnt serve together but this is a really great site. If any of you OLDTIMERS want to cantact me the E mail is I live in the area of Grand Coulee Dam where I work. Keep on rollin... even if it aint 59 degrees. Bill
Kevin Flatley
(OS2, 1979-1983)
Great site! I am a former crewmember of the USS Spiegel Grove (LSD-32) & wanted to say hello to the great gators of th USS Saginaw - our ships steamed together a time or 2, that's for sure!
(EN2, 1976-1979)
David Roberts
(seaman, 1975-1977)
Wow, I was blown away when a friend brought up this website, I have not seen the old ship since 1977, thanks for all the memories that came back to me.
Ray cloutier
(sm, 79-82)
I just found this site today 11/22/03 and it brought back some good, no ,wild ones is more like it. In the form of Jerry Lance and Howie Baird. Jerry iknow i haven't kept in touch with you but i sure would like to hear from you. or ph# 4125633400
Ray cloutier79
(sm, 79-82)
Howie Baird i got some rock&roll stories to tell you drop me a line @
Ray cloutier
(sm, 79-82)
me again jerry i messed up my email address here the right one
(RM2, .1986-1991)
Edward N. Hornsby
(EN2, 1975-1977)
I served on the Saginaw in "M" Division and then the "A" Gang. I spent most of the time in "A" Gang. I was Lee Helmsman during special details and general quaters. I loved being at sea and I loved all the places we traveled. If any old shipmates remember me, drop a line.
Kent Broome- Plank Owner
(SK3, 70-72)
Lots of good memories on this sight about Capt. Browns "Crunch" and the "Wild Bunch". How about Chief "Cunky" Cherry who called everyone "Dickie Bird". I remember that roll, I was tied to the helm and I didn't think she would ever right herself. Do you remeber Chief savage giving us close quarter drill behind the precom barracks then doing and about face only to walk into the wall. More later.
Kent Broome - Plank Owner
(SK3, 1970-1972)
Correction to my story about Savage, he was Lt. Savage. Engineering officers who's desk was not secured during that nasty roll and it distroyed his office and wedged the door shut so he couldn't get in. Anyone remember Sam Melay setting off the die marker down in GITMO and we were at man overboard stations until Sam appeared on the bridge to relieve the watch hours later with traces of green die in his ears. Boy was Capt. Brown torked as he set regular underway watch. We must have circled one hundred times in that area of the ocean.
Ralph Lyons
(ETR-2, 72-75)
It seems that every so often someone reports remembering THE roll! My guess is that most of us that remember rolls of 59 degrees or so - Augie just about went over the side one night! - can be real glad the damn ship DIDN'T capsize. It also seems that several of the crews experienced the fine seaworthy charactistics of the Large Slow Targets. We don't seem to have been the first and weren't the last! AH the good ole days! Best Wishes and Happy Holidays (2003) to all! Ralph
(RM2, 1987-1991)
Curtis Spring
(BMSN, Oct.81-April83)
Thomas Wagner
(EN3, 1982-1983)
As i think back on my days on the Sag.I have forgoten the bad times but rember all the good times.
Joe "Mongo" Martin
(PFC, USMC, 1979-1980)
Please sign this on-going petition for a US Congressionally-authorized Cold War Service Medal at . Thank you for your service. Peace.
Jeff "Don" Donaldson
(FN, Jan 83-7/4/87)
To the Boys of A Gang, I have some pictures of some our tavels(Rio). By the way, I still have the picturs Brad "Birdman" Brette(from PA) took when the girls in Rio (when he was standing under the ladder)durning a ship's tour. E-Mail me at - I will scan some of the pictures for anyone who wants them.
Van Hayes, you and rest of the A Gang kept it fun.
(PN1, 1978-1980)
(PN1, 1978-1980)

Maynard Nash
(BM3, 70-73)
I remember the pre-com San Deigo and Long Beach. I remember the CRUNCH all the way from PORT AFTER STEERING with a guy named Assarin. The Shellback ceremony. As I read, more and more memories surfaced. I recall being good friends with John Beard and Micheal Webb. My e-mail is
shawn terry
(EN3, 88-90)
EN2 David A. Ballard
(EN2, 1980-1983)
Is anybody out there... Hello Palmos.. found this site by accident.. brought back some memories........................Thanks saginaw
Daryl Baldwin
(MS2SW, 1985-1989)
Raymond Hamley
(Rm2, 1986-1988)
Whats up Jerry and John. Drop me a note at Would love to hear from you.
j. smith
(0, 71-76)
Raymond Cloutier
(sm, 79-82)
(HMCS, 1972-1974)
Ralph Lyons
(ETR-2, 72-75)
Good to see you,Doc - let us know when the hot water is fixed in sick bay, will ya, and by the way, you can usually find a cold coke in the ET shop because we still have OUR fridge!! In fact I still have it and it is in the trailer as we speak!

It IS good to see you, and I hope all is well with you and yours - Best Wishes - Ralph
Ron Shown
(Ens/Lt (jg), 1970-1972)
Stumbled on this site and had a lot of good laughs and shed a few tears. Ran into LCDR White at a convention in Washington DC - he told me that Capt. Brown had passed on. I remember very fondly the men of Second Division - Gunnery - giving me a birthday cake for my 23rd birthday. I also remember staying up all night in GITMO boresighting Mount 31 and 32 using the moon, and slipping the gears in the turret drive (we shot very well the next day)and GM2 Johnson's heroics clearing Mount 32 after a round was crimped in the breech. Broom, Crosby, Beard, I read your stories. Good to hear from you. Got out of the navy in '75 and went into the Army in Field Artillery. Retired in '94 as a Major. Drop me a line.
(LCPL, 90-91)
The Ship was small. The towlets backed up. The cotts were uncomfortable. And the bald headed guy John Kelly was a real AHOLE! as our CO for L Co. 3/2. Bastard!!!
(EM2, 70-73)
Ki Lee
(YN3, 1981-1985)
It was great to have served with everyone onboard the "SAG".
Mike Jude
(HT3(SW), 1982-1985)
Not to bad of a ship, went to SIMA San Diego ( 1985 to 1988 ) and then to USS MISSOUR BB-63 ( 1988 to 1992 ) and so ret. USN 2002 HTC(SW) 20 years and 4 days...
Thomas D Eldridge
(LTjg, 1/79-1/81)
John Toye: I am a religious man but it is amazing to know that you retired from the Navy. I remember being OOD inport on a night watch while you were on restriction. I spotted you climbing down a mooring line with a bucket of tools. I went on the pier and asked, what are you doing? Your reply to the best of my memory was, "Some fishing." Thanks for serving.
To then YNSN Sinclair: The CO was away and XO McDonald was acting CO. When he got the opportunity, he put you and another guy on 3 days bread and water in the brig. I sent the duty MAA over on my duty day to pick you guys up. The brig OIC announced that your ride was there and you guys began whooping and hollering. "For that outburst, you can stay another hour." You guys got back to the ship and you said, "Can you have the duty driver take us to McDonald's?" And I did as it was an emergency situation. Forgive me if I am mixed up about this; please post any rebuttal. Hi to IC1 Steffen, SN Cloutier, PN1 Fowler, RM2 Miller, Pete and Fred. Pete Travis and I with an LCPL crew were overboad one time. To Fred: I am still mad about you spending all my comsummable $ on your division.
Write back if you want to hear about when Mr. Kinkin got out of his rack in rough seas and got his big toe stuck in the back of a chair.
For the Aussies: I kept a 2 liter bottle of water in my locker. It was just enough water to rinse off when you were soaped up and water pressure was lost. Let us know if you need some guys to fill in. We will recruit the guys from this website.
I was COMMO and then A&E if anyone wants to give me a holler. It is interesting how as we get older we
forget the bad stuff.
Brad Broerman
(EM2, 1987-1881)
Hey all... If anyone is going to be in the Cincinnati area on the 22nd of June... drop me a line! I'm throwing a big "My Divorce is Final party"...
Jim Poehlman
(EM2, 87-91)
I come back here often, nice to reflect about the old memories my first ship provides, as I'm an EMC now, with an approved retirement date pushing boots in Great Lakes. If anyone has contact info on EM2 Chris Ryan, EM2 Darren O'Shea, EM1 (before he got busted) Mike Estes, or EM3 Joe (Tony) Valentine. I would appreciate it. My email is I ran into ENC Gary Olson last summer he's at FTG on the West Coast. He's doing well and looks the same as he did 16 years ago. Take care all!!!! Oh and before I forget. HI GREG POPE!!!!!!!!
craig pardon
(fn, 79-81)
Jerry Lance????? good memories guys!!
Bill Pritchard
(Cpl, 1987-1987)
I was an ebarked troop during the '87 cruise, proud to be included withing the "Shellback" community, well done with the site. If I can ever get my photos scanned, I shall be happy to send and share them with you.
Chris "Striker" Mooradian
(RM2, 1989-1992)
Hey John Day, how are things going with you. If you have e-mail, please send me your contact info...would love to relive some old (NO I'm not a recruiter for the Navy)...Hope to hear from you...Have you heard from RM1 Starks?
Bill Pritchard
(Cpl, 1987-1987)
I was an ebarked troop during the '87 cruise, proud to be included withing the "Shellback" community, well done with the site. If I can ever get my photos scanned, I shall be happy to send and share them with you.
A. Jackson (Jack)
(ICFN-IC2, 1990-1993)
A lot of fond memories of Saginaw.
I had a lot of fun!!!
Greg DeLair
(Sm3 , 1970-1972)
I was the one who gave Augie his nickname. Big dumb in the radio room was Richard Kieser from Kentucky. Prior to crossing the equater John Jadlocki, Sm2 and I were responsible for Capt Brown's black ear
Greg DeLair
(Sm3 , 1868-1972)
To all my shipmates. Hope you are all alive and well. I'm living and working in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Anyone interested in sending a personal message I can be reached through email or (920)432-4541
jerry lance
(HT, 1980-1982)
Howie. bummer about Helsel,how to reach you? got some pics of you two you might want. Any one know how to reach Todd Rowen (HT2)?
Carl K. Anderson I know my Dad serve on this ship and I have been doing research on the ships name. My Dad served in the Navy in World War II. Dad died in September 2002.
Jerry Warmkessel
(RM2(SW), 84-88)
Hey John Day - where is the address man??
drop me a line at
Hope all is well
Rick Pridemore
(SK3 & SK2, 1969-1971)
Plank owner....orginal crew that was form in Norfolk and flown to Long Beach, Calif., liberty in Acopoco, went thru to Canal at night, Shellback in Davy Jones Navy, shake down training in Gitmo, yards in Philly, tossed off lines when ship left for the Med...had knee surgery at Portsmouth Naval Hospital....yes I remember!!
Gerald J. Peterson
(BM2, 1989-1992)
Ralph Lyons
(ETR-2, 72-75)
Rick Pridemore-- Are you related to a Ron Pridemore from, I think, Wheeling West Virginia? If so he and I were stationed together at NATTC Glynco, Ga while you were on the Sag. Best Wishes - Ralph
Rick Pridemore
(Sk2, 1989-71)
No, not related Ron
Rick Pridemore
(SK2, 1969-1971)
I'm trying to find Gary Soplinski or Leo Hahan, they are plank owners from that first crew.
Rick Pridemore
(SK2, 1969-1971)
Gary was from Wheeling, WVa., and Leo was from Johnstown, Pa.
Jerry Forster
(RMC, 4-77-5-79)
I remember a few of the names here, but then my memory is going downhill lately. I remember RM2 Lucas as one of the RM's, also ENS Palko. I relieved ENCM John ?? as Senior enlisted advisor in I think May of 78. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers this old man. email Thanks
Mike McAfee
(FN, 76-70)
Chief Forster... I beleive that woulda been Master Chief John Laramere! He was also UDT/EOD and one hellava guy to work for!
Kent Broome
(SK3, 1970-1972)
12/19/04 Scrolled dawn the message board and see a lot of us Plank Owners reporting in. We were a damn good crew as I recall and that ship was always spotless except when Sam Melay threw a five gallon bucket of red lead stained paint thinner off the windward side as we pulled up in Navplion Greece. Made her look like a coast guard cutter on the port side. Capt Brown held liberty until the staging went over and we painted her out again. He saw it as he pulled away in the gig on the initial good will run to the beach. Not a good day that was!
Tim Fruge'
(OS2, 1987-1991)
I was wondering what happened to the ship. I have lots of good memories from my tour aboard.
Lee Goldsmith
(Bm3, 1987-1991)
Great picks and site. I had a great time on the mighty Sag...
Lee Goldsmith
(BM3, 1987-1991)
me again anyone who wants to get in touch? email me

I have been in the Coast Guard since 93"
James V. Maguire, IV
(L/Cpl E-3, 1977-1977)
I was a Marine stationed on the Sag in the fall of 1977 when we escorted the USS Ray back to the US after it ran aground during operation "Display Determination". Me & a buddy were late getting back to the ship in Malaga, Spain, and wound up cleaning the bowels of the bow ramp for 3 days. God I miss those days!
James V. Maguire, IV
(L/Cpl E-3, 1977-1977)
To Cpl. Haynes Johnson: Boy I just read your comments and did it bring back memories. I was also on display determination. I remembered evrything you mentioned; the stolen Turkish flag, the "shallap", and Torremolinos. I loved Torremolinos so much I returned there in 1982 for my honeymoon.
Bradley Fink
(os2, 1982-1986)
Wow beeen almost 20 yrs.What memories,hope old crew are doing well,anyone recoginze me drop me a line at
D.C. Eye
(QM3, 1991-1993)
... Greetings Shipmates !

After 8 years active I'm in the Reserves now.

I'll never forget my first ship.... or the 'duct tape diaper' from the Gunner's Mates.

Russell Ledford
(GMG!, 1980-1982)
I actually served two tours on the Saginaw from 1980 to 1982 then from 1985 to 1989. she was a great ship and I will always have fond memories of her
Dennis Mellinger
(HM2, 71-75)
I think it was 74 when I did my Med. cruise with my grunt unit. The 1st day on board the HMC with the handlebar mustache rescued me and 3 other Doc's and put us in the dispensary and also bunked us with the crew.
Kyle Duncan
(BM2, 1979-1981)
I was beginning to wonder if I could find any who was on the Saginaw when I was. Mr. Kinkin and Mr. Eldridge, I remember you. Some people called me "Reddog." I didn't get my life straightened out until the last 8 months I was in. I began school once again in January of 1982. I finished college and seminary by 1988 and have been a pastor ever since. My life couldn't be better. I am thankful for my years I spent in the Navy and on the Saginaw. Here it is, twenty-four years later. Life is sure flying by.
Darin Klein
(FN, 1983-1987)
Hey guys the trouble maker is back!
M-DIV at the Brass Rail.
Anybody here from Mike Hower? we lost contact.
well drop me a line,
jacob c riethmeier
(AM2 (AW))
I never served on this ship but I am from saginaw michigan and I was glad to read the story.
Richard P Turner
(BM1(SW), 77-81)
The Saginaw was the best ship i have ever served on In 1977 when reported aboard from Uss Detroit on a split sea tour i was a BM2 and made rate very fast and earned my eswos on the north alantic cruise .I have alot of good memories of the great times i had and a great crew every one worked hard and played hard It was a good tour of duty BM1(SW) Richard P Turner USN RET
Steven Moss
(Corporal USMC, 1982-1986)
Traveled to many countries in South America, I met my future wife in Peru in August of 1985. Also sailed to the west coast of Africa aboard the Saginaw. Enjoyed many sites and I will never forget the ship that took me to Lima-Peru. Going through the Panama Canal was also a great experience.
Richard Benfatto (Ben)
(EMCS (SW), Aug 88 -Oct 90)
It is great to hear all your comments and stories. Reading them brings back a lot of memories. My time on the Sag was one of the best in my naval career and all you guys I worked with were the greatest! I am retired now for over 12 yrs. Would love to hear from any shipmates who remember me or don't remember me and just want to share sea stories.Leave me a message on the sag's message board or e-mail me at
Old LST sailors never die, they live on forever on web sites like this one.Keep the stories and comments comming.
Iain (Tiny) Little
(POMT (RAN), Mar94-Oct94)
Had a great time in Norfolk VA, it was great to see the family in Aus after 9 months away though.
Saginaw was certainly a handful engineering wise but a great experience all the same, that girl would roll on wet grass when she got going (35Deg Port - 35Deg Stbd)on the way home.
Commisioned her Kanimbla in Little Creek Norfolk, returned to Australia and steamed her around for 12 months before major modifications. Posted to HMAS Manoora May 1997 (ex USS Fairfax County)Promoted to Chief and remained on her until Nov 2002 before leaving the Navy.
Great memories, great comraderie and great stories to tell!
(RM2, 72-75)
Great site, it was nice to grow up on the mighty Saginaw. Have alot of great memories in 1st Division.
julie wilby
(kos town, sept 92 )
met some marines on the island of kos from this actual ship, names were neil warren or warren neil not sure which way round and jeff an promised to write and thats where i went wrong and affixed wrong postage and did not recieve a reply because of this silly mistake. if any one remembers visiting the island in 1992 for 5 days it would be nice to hear from you.
william a sing
(SKC(SW), 1987-1988)
Great site. Great memories from the flat bottom days, trying to hold on to my rack in the English Channel and the engine room fire that took us to Naples for 14 days and all the work that the whole crew accomplished.
Ralph Lyons
Washington! Nice to see you here. Remember the time the brow rolled up on Stites' foot? Anyway, Dave and I are living in your state (Wash.) Please write or call and if you get up this way, I bet I can find a few cold ones! Ralph Lyons 182 Atterberry Rd. Sequim, Wa. 98382 e-mail Ph. (360)683-0731 Hope you are doing well! Best Wishes - Ralph
James(Jim) "The Boy" Moore
Just wanting to say Hello to anyone I served with. I'd really like to get together and have a reunion of some sort, but its so hard to find everyone. Please if you remember the name and want to contact me, please do so. or call me at 724-748-4814 is my house number my cell phone is 724-967-3962
I'd love to hear from some old friends!
Mark "Ski" Cerajewski
(FN, Dec 76-Jun 80)
Really nice web site,just wanted to say hi to all

Mike McAffe,Bill Ferguson,Butch Lacalzzi,Bill Ledford,Tom Gillock,Shelky,En1 Small,En1 Alvarado,Pat Maloney,Dave Cowart,Dave McMasters,Ashe,John Toye,Mark Berman,En3 Hungrey,so many more people that I can picture and just cant remember there names.

I hope this finds you all well and in good health

Mark "Ski" Cerajewski
kraig troupe
(sksn, 82-86)
Ian Reynolds
(CPO, 1999-2004)
Great site guys. The old girl is still going well as HMAS KANIMBLA. She even managed to pick up a Meritorious Unit Citation in the Persian Gulf year before last (2004). Can't seem to rid ourselves of you USMC and USN Seal types though. Must be the food or something but once they come onboard they don’t seem to want to leave.
Don Porter
(HT1/C, Jan 77-Jan 80)
Great site... good to see a lot of names from the past. Retired in 1993 as a DCCM. The pictures bring back a lot of memories of heavy seas and hard work, but most of all the good liberty.
Michael Wojtaluk
(RM, 91-92)
To all who remember me, hello, and I hope life is treating you well. To all those I don't know, I just want to say thanks for helping me remember some of the good times.

Kessler, you are still a schmuck!
Danny Staley
(EN3, 1970-1972)
Reall had alot of good times and meet alot of good people.
Norman S Makosky
(cpl-USMC, 02-84)
I Think about the days at sea aboard this ship.Somtimes I wonder if the ship is still the same.
Robert Flores
(RM1, 1981-1991)
Radio LPO- the ship I retired on during the scud attack in TEl-Aviv Isreal
Terry Mayfield
(LT, 1985-187)
Great ship, great crew
(RM3, 1972-1973)
ray cloutier
(sm, 79-82)
gerry or howie got a new email address please contact me @
Ralph Lyons ETR-2
Washington!- I never would have guessed you to stay in! And I just CAN'T see you over 160! Man, if you ever get up this way - I have a cold one or several!! It's good to hear from you and I live in Sequim, Washington - (360)683-0731. I hope this finds you well and happy - Best Wishes and Take care - Ralph Please call -
Lyons again
I almost forgot - For anyone who remembers the mushroom flag - Capt. Mclaughlin's son; Maj. Mclaughlin, USA has it and is planning to use it as his flag when he takes a new command in Dec! I wish him well, and hope the flag brings him luck - Ralph
Dan Hirnikel
(Ens./Lt.Jg., 1974-1976)
I remember being chewed out by the XO quite a few times because of all the antics that Ralph and Dave Lyons did. This website has brought back old memories. Those 3 years were the hardest times of my life.
Seaman Hyde
(Boats, 1992-1994)
Some of the best times of my life.
Miss you all. You will always be my brothers.
Get in touch
Daniel P. Hyde
SH 2 Gino Schlegel
(SH 2, 1971-1972)
Plank Owners unite. This is Gino your old buddy from the ship's store.New bargains everyday. Reunited with Rollo last year tearful reunion. Never forget starching Burn's underwear in Gitmo. Thanks for the memories guys.
Ron Heinicke
(PC3, 1970-1973)
I just saw David Crosby's name. Do you ever hear from Rosie or Robbie? Seems like eons ago.
Gary Soplinski
(GM3, 1970-1972)
Who threw the Captain's and XO's parking signs in the water?
Ralph Lyons ETR-2
For Dan Hernickle - Please write again to and/or we accidentally cleared the mailbox and I lost your address. Happy new year to all and best wishes - Ralph
dodson looking for someone that served with jeff fry. 81-84
james janett
(en3, 1988-1991)
had many fond times on board the saginaw. I will
never forget the good ones and bad ones. I live in
chicago now. You can e-mail me at
god bless all who sailed onboard.
t (the bus) Busser
(Bmsn, 1985-1988)
Alot great times.. I have alot pics..
RM2 Arnaldo "OT" Otero
(RM2, 1981-1984)
It was great to know that the old Sag has web site.
John (Flick) Flickinger
(ETRSN (PNA), 1971-1973)
4 months of mess cooking, 6 months of compartment cleaning. It was great being 'PNA' "Passed, Not Advanced." Hey Rocco, remember when we wrecked my Camaro that night in Slatington, PA picking up 'that chick'? Also when you said to the elevator operator at the Arycasa Hotel in Barcelona re: your purchased sword-"NO, PARA HOMBRES!"
Ralph Lyons ETR-2
For the information of anyone who wants to write - New address - I look forward to hearing from you guys - Ralph
(QM3, 1974-1977)
Roger Knapp
(SM2, 6/82-6/84)
I served on SAGINAW as the signal gang LPO in MOD-LOC. Got to see the ISRAELIS in action in BEIRUIT. I will always remember my time on the SAG. Shipmates my e-mail address is I found this site 27MAR2006. TKS.
Brock B Ballard
(BM3, 1986-1989)
Hello to all you alumni of the USS Saginaw.Great to see some names of the people I served with.Remember that fatefull med cruise we took.The Fire?Was that an experiance or what.Naples Italy for a month to patch us up to make it back across the atlantic wasnt so bad though.As I remember we also passed the USS Stark somewhere by the Suez canal.She had a great big hole in her hull from the gulf.Many good times there on the Saginaw.We had a great 1st Div. deck crew.anyone who would like to contact me may do so at
Carl Sims
(fn, 85-88)
I remember that Unitas Cruise got pictures too I was just staying in trouble on the Saginaw even got demoted .I was never happy there lol . I did meet some people that helped me grow up , I will never forget I can't mention them all en2Bell, ht3Butler,en3Hayes,en2Coleman,os2Shipman,
fnLipscolm. You all were brothers to me. I gotta stop Im reminiscing .
Arturo Serna
(RM3, 1971-1973)
This is really great.. It does bring back alot of memories and I'm glad they are the good ones.. Hey Jim Wright it was geat seeing your comments and I also remember Seago. Have you heard from any other shipmates like Franzetta, Keiser, Camp? We used to complain alot, but all I remember now are the good times.. My e-mail address is Hope to hear from you guys...
Macon (Mickey) Bohon
(GMG2, 1971-1972)
I was on the commissioning crew, anyone remember bringing her around from Long Beach to Little Creek?
Gary Richard Adcock Jr.
(OS3, 89-92)
"Permission to come aboard!"This is great! I didn't even know this web page existed. I saw alot of names I haven't seen or heard since I served on board. Good job. Far seas and following winds. OS3 Adcock 89-92
David Ladewig
( EN2,1970-1972)
Nice site. Thank you. Plank Owner, Shellback, Commissioning Crew, Flag football player. Tried to drink as much oozoo as Fitzgerald, but he ALWAYS won. Best to everyone.
stephen casciotta
( amh1,78-98)
ret. navy airdale
( EN3,77-79)
Ray Hatzman
( RM2,72-76)
I just came across this sight. Sitting here reading down the list brought back a lot of memories. Wash, I can\'t believe you didn\'t mention me. R. and D. Lyons, how could I forget? Ron Mckenzie - the corvette man. Jim Wright,I think you were going in the hotel/motel business when you got out. Duffy, thanks again for all the times you got up at 6am to take me to the airport.I talked to Busby a couple of years ago. He\'s a school teacher now. That\'s the only contact I\'ve had with anyone since I was discharged 30 years ago. WOW how time flies. I\'m doing okay and I hope all of you are doing well. You too Mr. Elam. Feel free to contact me if any one wants to talk about the good ole days on the Saginaw. E-mail: or call 502-817-1490. Best wishes to all.
Randall P. Rasch
( CPL,1977-1981)
I was in USMC and earned my Blue Nose while on the USS Saginaw. This ship could take like none other. We where in the N Atlantic during some extremely rough weather--some long term Navy types said it was the roughest that they had ever seen. All in all I learned a lot on that trip. The 1188 always has a place in my memory--I had a huge monkey-wrench dropped on my head by a young squid while trying to help set up ship to ship transport. Really--true story. Good site by the by. Randall P.Rasch
Michael Koffler Nice job on your site.
Edward N. Hornsby
( EN,1975-1977)
After thirty years an old shipmate, William Becker got in touch with me via-email. It brought back some good memories and a few more names. It more thanly likely brought back for few memories to Bill than he rather not become public record. Walter Kempton, George Storbel, Russel Henard, Mark Edwards, John Rabe, Morgan, Bennet, Flagler, Ziggy, Melton and a few more. My thanks to who ever put this web page together and to those who keep it going. My email address has changed to I will be back later with a few good stories to tell. I hope to hear from some of the other shipmates I had during my years aboard.
Roger York
( EN3,1970-1974)
Greetings to all the Plank Owners. Nice site. Richard Wigley, please send me an email. I had your camera and I was supposed to send it to you after you left the Sag. Unfortunately, someone stole it and I lost your address. I have been looking for you all this time. email
Leonard Hook
( ENCS,1970-1972)
I just want to give my new e-mail address:
Michael Koffler Nice website! Well done. Gator navy is the best.
William H LEE ,SR
( EN3,1980-1983)
Ralph Lyons
( ETR-2,73-75)
Just a quick note for a laugh-Back in 2003 I loaned my aircraft to an instructor and he crashed it - Well it is finally back in the air; I flew it for about an hour yesterday. Circled the Coast guard base at Port Angeles, wa. !!! Best wishes to all and Take Care - Ralph
Mark Stauder
( HT,1978-1981)
As a HT on a gator freighter I learned to fix everything with nothing. She was a great ship and a great crew.
angelo marsico
( L/cpl,72-75)
was on med cruise 74 with 1/8 bco. great times and fond memories.after tour in corps reenlisted in the navy.but the 1188 was the best ship i ever served on.
Gary M. Pope
( RM3,1982-1986)
Can\'t think of much to say other than that my time on the Saginaw continues to influence all I do (in a good way). I really miss the people, and hope all of you are well. Cheers gMp
Andrew David
( BM,1999-2002)
HMAS Kanimbla- she\'s still going strong
Steven Diaz
( Cpl,1987-1987)
Passenger on Med Float 87 Cruise as part of 1/10 Marines, remembered the picture of everyone swimming in Somalia (should of shown a picture of the navy guy with a M-14 standing watch over everyone).
Paul C. DePola
( HT3,1970-1971)
Mercedes (Augie) Pabon
( Sm3,71-75)
To all that served on the grand old lady...Happy Holidays 2006. Hey Flickinger, I remember driving your camaro when we traveled from Pa. to Va. Must confess that I would open it up while you slept on the back seat.
Schober Randy HT2
( HT2,1977-1979)
Nice place to visit and run across so many names. I need to go to my old scrap book and put some faces to some of the names. Travis, Fiore, Simmons, Burk, Stauder, McAfee, Clark and to here the story about Baby Huey. Where does the time go. If any HT wants to mail me I\'m at I\'m remarried with two boys age 9 and 10 and my wife is in school to become RN.
Ra lph Lyons
( ETR2,72-75)
Hi Augie and everyone else - Merry Christmas and happy New Year - Best Wishes - Ralph
Steve Huff
( GMG3,73-75)
Great site,reading these messages brouht back lot\'s of memorys.Crazy days in Palma,swimming in the Agean,picket duty off of Cypress,drinking Tortola Trips at the hotel,lowering the boat while we were anchored and filling it with ice cold beer,crazy cab drivers in Ismir.Dan that 50 degree roll you mentioned made me laugh because I was the helmsman at the time and it almost threw me out the opposite hatch.Tuch are you still in Pittsburgh,Zerbe did you go back to San Fran?Sea Dog you still like crackers?and what ever became of Waldo?
Ralph Lyons
( ETR-2)
Hi Steve - It\'s good to see your name here! That roll was 59 degrees not 50. Dave and I had made a recording roll meter and it recorded 59. Ask Augie - it almost took him overboard! I was up in the shop. Best Wishes and happy new year - Ralph
( e-3,1988-1992)
Was deployed with the Saginaw crew in 1989 and returned home in 1990. Loved the Med and loved the boat. Charlie company weapons platoon 1st bn. 8th Marines.
Pete Travis
( LTjg / DCA,8/76-8/79)
If I recall correctly we took a 58/59 Deg. roll on our med cruise (spring/summer of \'78) off Sardinia one evening. Busted one of the tables in the wardroom off its base, and the shredder in CIC was thrown across the compartment. When I at DCA school, I was reviewing the stability cross curves for the Newport class LSTs. The curve stopped at 60 Deg., whereas on other classes of ships it cycled all the way through 90 deg and beyond in some cases. I asked the instructor what happened after 60 - his response: \"Poseidon Adventure....\"
( RM1/RMC,FEB82-AUG85)
Todd Glunt
( e3,1990-1992)
good site
BMCM(SW/AW) Anthony T. Smith
( SN-BM2,\'82-\'86)
\"The Greater GATOR\", I owe ALL that I AM to the leadership,mentorship and guidance to: CDR K H Johnson (CO); LCDR Lennon (1st LT), BMC Person, BM1 Bernhart, BM2 Courtney, BM3 Castleberry, BM3 Hatter and BM3 Edwards. USS Saginaw LST- 1188, the cornerstone of boatswain\'s mate knowledge and experience.
Anthony T. Smith
( BMCM);
Lyons ETR-2 Hi to Mr Travis - I left the ship a year before you came on board, but Chief Scarlet and some of the guys including Capt McLaughlin did some of the same research and determined that it would probably capsize at about 60 degrees. Funny that I now do 60 a lot in a 2g turn and it doesn\'t seem so bad! Best Wishes to all - Ralph
Ralph Lyons
( ETR-2)
For Mr Travis - way back near the top of the guest book, you ask \"who has the mushroom flag?\" Well, Bruce McLaughlin Jr. has it. He is a Major in the Army and plans to fly is as his unit flag. He sent Harry Elam and I a photo of it, and Harry had some made. I have one and it is great! The mushroom flies over Sequim, Wa. Best Wishes - Ralph
Mike Klunk, YNCM(SS)
( YN3/YN2,1972-1974)
Appreciate the memories. Great site. Outstanding ship and a great crew in 72-74. One of the best times in my Navy career and my life.
Bruce FitzGerald
( EN-3,1971-1972)
Ouzo?? Did somebody say Ouzo? I can remember a night in Athens when Steve Waters and Dave Ladewig and I tried to drink all of the Ouzo in Greece. I won. And then there was the M-division flag football game with Supply when the coal miners (Staley & Pettit) put Pridemore in the hospital with a wrecked knee. Who says flag Football isn\'t a contact sport? Anyone remember Bob Puente\'s orange MG Midget and the really curly skid marks on the road back from the EM club in Little Creek? Greatest pirouette I have ever seen! Never touched the curb!
( BT3,1970-1972)
Alan Langenkamp
( EN-3,81-84)
The Ole\\\' Sag holds a place in my heart too. She was a work horse! On her first voyage at sea she towed a ship that was dead in the water on her way from California in 1971! I remember towing the Manitowoc 1187 when I was aboard also. Those six V-16 ALCO\\\'s got us there and back every time! I\\\'ll always remember Chief Palmos. One of the best guys I ever worked for. I\\\'d love to hear from any of you guys who were aboard when I was. (918)724-1643. Call anytime!......OVER!
Alan Langenkamp
( EN-3,81-84)
Back again. Just wanted to leave an E-Mail Address Send Mail! Does anyone remember when the deck apes let Oscar The Dummie go through the bow thruster!? HA! Too Funny!........OVER!
kraig troupe
( sksn,1982-1986)
John Heacock
( N/A,1990-1990)
I was with a D.C. based boyscout troop that was on the ship over Independence day 1990
Pete Travis
( LTjg DCA,8/76-8/79)
Lucky for you Congressman Foley didn\'t come along for the ride.....
Mark Stauder
( HTC,1977-1981)
Mr. Travis, have you heard from the Tennessee guys? Are you still down in West Palm Beach? I am retired teaching NJROTC in South Carolina.
Loreto\"Ike\" Aycud
( DK1,73-75)
God rest his soul. Son of a U.S. Navy Sailor...
Jim \"Tuch\" Santucci
( SKSN,1973-1976)
3-3-07 Hey Steve Huff, there are a million of you in Ohio. My e-mail address is
lawrence p. clement
( sksn,1964-1969)
U.S.S. Saratoga CVA-60 What a time we had, third class Pappy Wright, And First Class Synder, What a bunch of sailors, That was a long time ago and I still have dreams about being in the bosn`n locker. I still have moments
Ken Helmer
( CM2 ,MARG-1-90)
What a Med. Cruise. ACB2 TEAM RED TWO. SEABEES \\\"CAN DO\\\"
Robin Trower
( sksn,1973-1976)
Bridge of Sighs
Tom Barnard
( QM2,1982-1986)
Found this site by accident, was great to see some old names I\'ve lost touch with. Especially Gary Pope, Doc Summerville, and Ki Lee.
Adam Shebroe
( LT,1987-1991)
Great site, brings back some great memories. I have lots of pictures. Brad, send me an email and I will hook you up with the photos. Hello to all my shipmates. Send me an email if you want to chat. GO IRISH!!!!!!
Robert W. Studebaker (Studie)
( OS2,1970-1974)
I\'d rather GATOR than F---! I went shrimping with Bill(KUGGA) Hettich for about four years after we got out if you think we had a good time on the SAGINAW you should have been with us on the Pallmetto. We spent the summers in South Carolina and the winters in Key West. Like a lot of you guys i have a real HATE/LOVE attitude about the Saginaw but like most of you I really missed it after I got out. MY E-MAIL is I remember quite a few of the things people brought up like the roll we took coming back from SNOWY BEACH and it was 60 degrees I know because I was watching the PITCH AND ROLL LEVELS in COMBAT.
Gus Borden
( RM3,1976-1980)
I had a great time on the ship. I know a lot of people remember me. I want to give shout out to RMC Jerry Foster, RM2 Lucas, RM3 Rice, and RM2 Walters
Bryan Clotfelter
( 1985-1988)
Hey shipmates! I really loved to hate those years on the sag. 11\'s and 8\'s, the dead mans hand baby! All you guys were like brothers to me even you snipes! Haha Bow em up!!! Hey I love you all and God bless man. I hope you all have sweet lives! If anybody wants to contact me you can at Peace!
Pete travis
( LTjg - DCA,8/76-8/79)
HTC Stauder: Hey Mark, don\\\'t know if you received my e-mail. I\\\'m still in the WPB area, alive and well. Lost contact with Tim Simmons years ago. If I recall correctly, he was working at the Oak ridge nuke facility. Have no idea how Billy Burke is doing. Drop me a line at And that goes for anyone else that would like to say hi. Just mention Saginaw in the sujbect line. All the best!
W.R.D. ll
( 0,0244-00)
Where are you Flying Colours?
Mark Bell
( PC2,6/91-6/93)
I just found this site and can\'t believe the names I found, people I had completly forgotten about. There is even a listing from Capt. Luck. Hey what ever happened to Capt. Kessler?
Charles Comer
( EN3,1981-1984)
Great to see some familiar names. Really miss the guys I served with.Still have dreams about the Sag.
Rodney S. Wise
( sn,1971-1973)
Nice to see that the \'1st crew still remembers the good ole days. I did wathches in starboard after steering, Nash was on the port side. Maley tossing buckets of water into the wind, twice, in 20 minutes. I remember Big Lofty on his perch on the derrick arm, handling the ramp. And, I remember 1st division, a great bunch of guys. A tip of the hat to you all!
Tim Herendenn
( GMG1,1983-1987)
The most fun I ever had as a class \"C\" liberty risk in the MED.
Brad Broerman
( EM2,1987-1991)
I found a great \"social networking\" site for active and former military. You can list all of your assignments / ships / units, etc and reconnect with old friends... This is a great site, and was VERY well done! The URL is:
Donald R Courtney
( BM2 (SW),1980-1984)
Found this site by chance, was wondering what happened to the old girl. I was really surprised to read from a few the guys I served with, help bring back many great times. The dAY I left the ship and all of you was one of saddess day I can remmender.If any of want drop me a line at or, hope to hear from you soon, best of luck.
( E7,1984-1994)
Still dislikes blacks and latinos.
Eric Drum
( LT,1987-1990)
Hello from Richmond, VA
Chris Geoffrion
( HM2,1977-1981)
The Saginaw was the only ship I saw while on active duty. (Stationed with the jar heads and had to volunteer to get aboard ship!) Cruised her back across the Atlantic with the 2nd MCAW. The way she \"handled\" the high seas in the North Atlantic, walking up the bulkheads, and tying myself down to the bunks it was surely a great experience. Our theme song on that cruise was Queen\'s \"Another One Bites the Dust\" it was appropriate for all the sutures we had to put in the Marines! lol It brings back fond memories and I am glad to see she is still in service, the Aussies appear to have done her proud. Two of the great memories on that cruise was the Captain calling all the Marines topside to take pictures of the Artic Circle..... and again to moon the Russians on a fly over..... He had a great sense of humor! Godspeed to all.
gaty senter jr
( emfn,1991-1993)
I just found this web site and I think you did a great job. If anybody wants to e-mail me you can at
gary senter jr
( emfn,1990-1993)
Brad Ive got some pictures that I will send you so you can put them on here.
Carlos Chavez
( l/cpl,1973-1974)
2nd amtrac battalion 4th platoon camp lejuene served on ship from May 1974 to nov 1974 semper fi
wendell comer
( en2,1985-1988)
good i have so many great times on board the sag just wish i could see some of thhe old ship mates wilcoxson evans the whole bunch of en
Eric Drum
( LT,1987-1991)
Wardroom news from Aug-07 LCDR Daryl Haegley retired last month from the Crypto world. I was the lone Saginaw representative. He is married to the same woman (Brenda) with several children. I also heard from (young Ensign) Adam Shebroe with the bad news that his father passed recently. He is married and living outside Atlanta with children. CDR Joe Leonard is the chairman of Seamanship and Navigation at the Naval Academy. He was the CO of the USS Thomas Gates before it was decomm\'d. He is married with no children.
Ron Heinicke
( PC3,1970--1973)
It\'s great to see some of the guys I served with as a Plank Owner. I remember another story about Sam Melay catching fish and putting them literally on ice in the ice machine. Also brought a stuffed armadillo onboard from the Acapulco layover. What a great maiden voayage that was. Willie Mussachia, Kelly McQuany (best dancer in the Navy), Jim O\'Hara, Augie Pabon, Guy Cunningham, Steve Stansbury.... the names and faces are all coming back. Fond (maybe not too) memories of Chief Palmer and GITMO training at the conflagration station and the P-250 pump and Red-Devil Blower. Wow, where\'s this coming from?
Ron (Rocco) Heinicke
( PC3,1970-1972)
I should have looked through all of the entries prior to submitting my last one. I see Flick and Studie have responded. Flick, still an enjoyable weekend with the homemade Sangria and great clams we picked up BEFORE the unfortunate event. I just gave the \"sword\" to my son to do with whatever college boys deem appropriate. Studie, great to see your response as well. Looks like you did the \"Forrest Gump\" thing for awhile. Anyone hear from Spanky (Jochen Spanake) or Robbie? I\'ll have to dig up the 1972 Cruise Book as a reference for some of the other names/faces. Anyone remember the infamous Sunday on the bridge when the XO (LCDR E.E. White)asked how breakfast was? We had been steaming for some time without hitting a port - so Sundays were special. I remember \'cause I was either at the helm or on starboard watch and the response was that all they (messdecks) served was S.O.S. He immediately stormed out and made them throw the stuff over the fantail and re-opened the breakfast line with a great spread of food. Another observance: During the Operation Snow Beach excercise, I was on Port watch just outside the bridge when we started taking the rolls as referenced by others. I didn\'t think it was so bad until Captain(CDR) Brown came out of the bridge and tossed his cookies over the side. He turned around and gave me a look that said more than words can express (Yeah, it\'s pretty bad, and if you ever tell anyone what you just saw.....!. As I recall we were steaming for several days to try to get out of the worst of that storm. I got pretty tired of eating sandwiches, but the mess decks were truly a \'mess\'. It would be great to hear from any of the Plankowners or Shellbacks that took the first steps with the Saginaw. My e-mail:
Eric Hatter
( BM3,1980-1984)
Came across this site by chance, seeing V.B.King and Durfee really bring back the memorys. I saw her in Australia...THEY CUT THE ARMS OFF OF HER! Looks peculiar, wonder how they get the ramp on the beach.
Eric Hatter
( BM3,10-80-06-84)
My e-mail is What happened to Helsel?!
Jerry Reisner
( EM2,11/87-5/90)
So great to see some familiar names here. Brad, you\'ve done well, your efforts gives us all a place to reconnect. They don\'t call you \"Light\'s Out Broerman\" where you work do they? (Haha). Can\'t forget that. Sure miss some of you guys, and of course our younger day\'s. Can\'t beat em\' Hope someone remembers my name, if so drop me an email at \"\"
Mike Wezensky
( NCC(SW),87-92)
Just wanted to say hello to a Great Bunch of Shipmates, Officer and Enlisted. Everyday was a Great Day. Some were just better than others.
Willima Musacchia
( SH2,1970-1972)
Plankowner; and the VERY FIRST ships barber. Trimmed a lot of hair on you hippie sailors, including me. Also trimmed all those scruffy looking beards. Everyone had a beard, even if you could not grow one. Ron Heinecke did have the best looking beard in my opinion. How about hitting the pier in Little Creek on our way back from the West Coast. We hit so hard that it bent the I-beams in the tank deck. The following weekend we had open house, and they backed the ship in to the pier so nobody saw the big dent. Geno Schlegel, Ron Heinecke, Ken Broome, I remember all the good times we had. We really were in the prime of our lives. Thanks for jogging the memory, and thanks for the great web site. (September, 2007)
WIlliam Musacchia
( SH2,1970-1972)
Getting senile; misspelled my own first name. How about the Boones Farm wine for a buck, in Virginia Beach. Cheap buzz.
Ryan McKenzie
( ET3,1992-1994)
Great times and great memories. ET3 McNair contact me.
Rich Brodmann
( ENCS(SW) Retired,1987-1993)
Hey Saginaw Mates! Today is: October 2, 2007 In January I will be retired for 8 years already! Great seeing some familiar names on here...Great memmories...some of the hardest working people served on the Sag. I\'m living in Norfolk, VA...retired in January 2000. Anyone who wants to..give me a holler at: Take Care and God Bless. Till next time! Rich Brodmann
Jerry Forster
( RMC,1977-1979)
Just wanted to say Hi to Gus Borden, where are you now? All in all I think we had some good times on the old Sag. I retired in 1982, lucky to make RMCS, went to work for the Post Office and retired from there in 2002 after a heart attack. All is well now though.I\'d Love to hear from you Gus and anyone else. I\'m in Colorado, a little town in the mountains.Hope to hear from you. email at or phone 719-748-8573. All the best.
Frank Brooks
( HM3,1984-1985)
This was the first ship I served on as an enbarked troop. Currently retired after 23 years
Raymond A. Leonard
( PFC,1948-1952)
I am looking for the LST or LSD that transported me to Korea from SanDiego to japan then to Korea. The ship from what I understand was hit by a khamakaze in WWII. The tranport took place in early April 1951
Art Serna
( RM3,1972-1974)
Oct 23, 2007 Received an e-mail from an advertising firm trying to sell merchandise, and it mentions that there will be a reunion for USS SAGINAW X crew members next year. (2008). Is anyone aware of this or is it just advertising BLLSHIT?
Jerry Schrader
( EM3,70-74)
Found the site again. Good to see some of the plankowners. Great times in the Mediteranean. Hope all is well
Daniel Gerstenberger
( GySgt,1990-1991)
Was aboard during Desert Shield/Storm. Seventeen years ago today (31 Oct 1990), while I was in the Goat Locker eating that great chow, the 1MC announced the birth of my youngest daughter. Every year during her birthday my thought always range back to the Saginaw and crew.
Jesse R Ware
( RP2,1990-1991)
Does anybody remember me? Chaplain Peek and I would come onboard during Desert Sheild/Storm and the Chaplain would do Sunday Services and prayer over the 1MC at night before taps.
pat finley
( enc retired,1976-1979)
jerry you still hanging yourself on doors? suprised most of the pot smokers are still any rate it\\\'s good to know that you seem to be staying out of trouble. anyone herd from tatum, or the tennessee ridge runner?
Jerry Forster
( RMC,1977-1979)
Hey Pat Finley, how are you doing? Nice to hear from you, have you heard from any of the other Chief\'s that were aboard when we were? Hope all is well with you.
Raymond K Jenkins
( E-5,91-92)
I was on during desert storm. Radioman 2nd class.
Mike \"Mac\" McAfee
( FN,1975-1979)
Hey Pat Finley you old snipe you! Remeber that 72 Datson you sold me? LOL Living in California, married with 2 sons. Oldest kid just got out of the Navy after 4 years and other is a collage student. Drop me a line Chief!
Ron Trees
( HT E3,76-78)
Hey crew and freinds . Pete Travis , that was a 59 degree role . I had to weld that table back down .Has anyone heard from , Tim Simmons ,Billy Burke ,Homer Mc Cauley or any of the rest of the Cheech And Chong Rat Pack
Chuck Haertig
( Sgt.,1975-1979)
I was on the Saginaw in the fall of 1977, when the ship escorted the damaged sub USS Ray. I remember the North Atlantic storms and the ship\'s loud banging noises when it bounced off the ocean. I also remember waiting in the long chow lines, for what seemed like hours. I remember the card games and craps that we played in the birthing compartments. I remember many fellow Marines who were sea sick the entire time onboard. Any Marines or Sailors that were the ship with me, send me an email Great website, brings back great memories!
( HTFN,76-78)
Happy New YEAR . I have been very lucky to have received resent emails from some of my past shipmates.Randy Schober;Jim Arehart;Pete Travis Im still looking for other shipmates , Fiore ,Simmons, Burke, Mc Cauley, McAfee, Patti,
Bob Manis
( HM-striker,72-73)
Hello everyone, I was a BM when i came on board but started striking cause i hated the work. left the navy in 1976 as HM2. Hope all is well, it was kinda funny to see that our ship is now in the Australian Navy. I am retired now from the Fire Service after 25 years. Currently working as Sale Agent for a Golf Scorecard Company. Loved the Med cruise of 72. Any of you guys still out their. email me at
Cpl. Karl Adkins
( Cpl,1986-1990)
Served on the USS Saginaw when the USS Stark was being towed back. Glade we did attack IRAQ.
( LCPL.,0592-1192)
Kirk Stucks better known as Norman Bates
( sm3,88-90)
doing well been a long time finally grown up
John Amenson
( BT3,71-74)
Worked with Dankmer Trained me for my job I have been doing for30 plus yrs. Power Plant Operator at a correctional Inst. Thanks Ed.
John Amenson
( BT3,71-74)
Anyone know where Dan Lindsey is? I know He\'s from Bowling Green Ky.
A. Clayton Slawson III Hello, I am the son of Lt. Alton Clayton Slawson Jr. and since he passed before my first birthday, I was wondering if anyone knew him and wouldn\'t mind sharing any stories, memories, or most importantly, any photos. His tour on the Saginaw was between 1987-1989. Thanks! Sincerely, A. Clayton Slawson III
( ABWTR,2007-2010)
I am currently serving on HMAS KANIMBLA in the RAN and this site is excellent. Its really cool to see what the ship used to look like, and how much history sits within these walls as I am posting this from the ship whilst at sea. Once again awesome site and keep it going.
Patrick Price
( DK3,1989-1993)
I never thought I would look back when I heard \\\'DK3 Patrick Price departing\\\'... The long time we spent in the gulf during desert storm left me angry and disgruntled. Followed up by the Med cruise and my absense for the birth of my first son. But now I realize the significance of the entire experience and appreciate it all. I can not forget the Saginaw.
CMDCM (SW/AW) Anthony T. Smith
( SR- BM2,1982-1986)
On Thursday, February 21 2008,at 1500 Captain Kenneth H. Johnson (Ret.) was laid to rest, at Arlington National Cemetery, with full military honors. I attended the funeral services earlier, where Capt Johnson was hail as \"The father of National Naval Officers Association (NNOA)\", an organization that actively supports the Navy in recruiting, retaining, and developing the careers of minority officers, in which he helped stand-up in 1972. I will remember the \"CAPT\", as my first skipper on SAGINAW, who was very professional and an \"outstanding leader of men\", whom will be greatly missed by ALL, who\'ve served with him. \"Rest in Peace\"
Kevin Wendt
( MS3,06/84-04/85)
So many memories on board her for almost 4 years. Cooking for over 500 men was quite a challenge. Not seeing/touching land for 60 days while pumping and dumping off Beirut was also a challenge. Made great use of the tank deck though, great to run in! Hope my shipmates are all well. Feel free to contact me at Yeoman Brown from Alabama, are you out there? Dino too? Btw, I Sent the Mad Hatter some e-mail today
Kevin Wendt
( MS3,1981-1985)
Not sure why my comments came through twice,(see above...) but have corrected the years aboard... Also, my sincere condolences to Kenneth Johnson\'s family and friends, he was by far my favorite Captain, and I was very proud to serve under him, and to serve him dinner too! I was his personal chef for many months!
Will Willis
( Lcpl,1988-1992)
Trying to catch up with some old friends! Was on the Saginaw for a Med float 1989-1990. Charlie company weapons platoon. Played on the ships rugby team that was brutalized by the local French team, they had an American student from Texas playing with them. God that was awful. Also played in a soccer tournament in Italy.
Paul Conrad
( EM3,1981-1984)
Just a quick shout out to all my A & E Div friends. Drop a line at
Paul Conrad
( EM3,1981-1984)
Has anyone seen EM2 Pete Simone, EM? Mike Cribbs or EM3 Donald Dunn, EN2 Sam Rouse, EN2 Fraser (all served in 82, 83, &84)? If you do, have them e-mail me at
Roderick Rose
( EN1,92-94)
Saginaw taught everything that I\'ve used throughout my time in the Navy. Great guys hard workers and could fix anything with duct tape and a prayer!!!!
( EN2,85-87)
One of the best times I ever had.
Brad Broerman
( EM2,1987-1991)
Hi, all... A former Aussie sailor has some questions about a ghost seen on the ship... I posted the details of his request on both message boards... Anyone having information, please email me! Thanks...
Richard Beamis
( 1988-1988)
I was only on board for a few months before leaving due to an injury. But she\'s the only vessel I ever served on and I\'ll never forget her. Don\'t recall seeing any ghosts, though. I doubt anyone would remember me, but if you want to drop a line, do so at
Daniel T. Valdez
( EN2)
I was feeling nostalgic for the time I served in the USN. I served onboard the USS Schenectady LST 1185, M-Div, #3 ER from 1987 - 1990. I just wanted to give salute to Rich Brodman, whom I served with in Great Lakes,Ill. Glad to read everything went well. e-mail:
Richard Matos (USMC)
( LCPL,1990-1990)
I\'ll never forget this ship, this was my first Med deployment while in the Corp.
Rance Jurevwicz, Capt., USA, Ret
( 10,1965-1990)
INCREDIBLE WEB SITE! This site is an invaluable tool to all veterans. We have added a link to our monthly newsletter and magazine so that more veterans can be made aware of this tremendous resource. Also, please visit our web site to learn about hidden government benefits you (all veterans) are eligible for and how to significantly increase your service-connected compensation or VA pension.
Allen (Holly) Hollingsworth
( EN-3,87-90)
Marty Bragdon
( FTG3,June76-Dec76)
I had a short stay aboard the Saginaw as they decomissioned the Gun Fire Control Systems soon after I got aboard. I got aboard while in Horne Brothers Ship Yard. I spent a good part of that summer at Damn Neck training on the fire control system and when I got back went up to Dumphries VA with a firemen..can't even remember his name...FTG3 Laird was supposed to pick us up on his way back from PA....he forgot so we were punishment I was sent to SOPA transportation pool for 3 months...drove bus on duty day....every 4 days....awful back and was transfered to USS Truett FF 1095....never got underway at all on the Saginaw... would like to hear from GMGC Larry"The Bookie" email is or
Thomas Scriven
( ENC,1988-1991)
Hey I am trying to locate Butch Roberts and others who served during these dates if anyone served please contact me at my wifes email listed below. She was a great ship and alot of hard work and good times where had aboard her.
ENC Thomas Scriven
( ENC,1987-1992)
( HT3,1970-1972)
Alex McNair
( ET3,1992-1994)
This is just too spooky to see these names I barely remember. Ryan McKenzie, you asked me to contact you, how? try me at asm (at) mindless (dot) com. Thanks for the flashback-inducing website.
Darien L Kearns
( LtCol,1978-1999)
Served as CO Troops for the embarked Marines and Commanding Officer Battery “A”, 1st Battalion, 10th Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division during the 87 deployment, became a shellback, was SWO qualified, survived the "Fire", numerous liberty ports in Africa and the Mediterranean and generally had a great time on-board one of the best ships in the Navy! The captain and crew were exceptional to work with; the iced cold soda’s waiting for us as we came back on-board the USS Saginaw after spending far too long in the 135 degree heat in Somalia is a testament to the professionalism of the ships crew. Thanks for the memories and a walk through the past, great website, it’s now on my favorites list and will visit often.
Scott Saylor
( LCpl,85-86)
This was my first UNITAS. I had a great time seeing South America. The WATC was a little bit of a drag. I sort of remember the ship running a ground off of Africa.
Tom Barnard
( QM2,1982-1986)
I was a QM on the WATC. Pretty sure we never ran aground. Would agree that the WATC was a bit of a drag though, especially after Rio.
Jeff Gruber
( EN3,1982-1985)
My first ship that I served aboard. I remember Simeone and some others. I just found an old friend-MS3 Muffley. Good thing I was an A-Ganger so I could get the best chow. Hope all who served with me are well.
Chad Brinkman
( SN,1993-1994)
Wow, Great site. It is 24Jul08 and I am still in the navy serving on the USS Winston S Churchill. My email is
john mcmahon
( sgt,1989-1990)
good memories from my last med
Joe DuBritton
( OS2,1989-1993)
Anyone remember me?
Joe DuBritton
( OS2,1989-1993)
Email if so
Mark T Vande Ryt
( BMSN,1981-1983)
Good to see a site to find old friends
Mark T Vande Ryt
( BMSN,1981-1983)
You can reach me at I still have that picture of when the dog attact you.
Ronnie McKenzie
( EN2,1972-1975)
I was the fuel king. I'm looking for a guy that went by the nick name "Mouse". Anyone remember putting the fire out on the USS Bolder? You can contact me through the following e-mail.
Dennis Harvey
( CE-4,1973-1977)
I was one of many of the seabees that went on deployment onboard the Saginaw out of Little Creek, VA.'s ACB 2 Bat. Thanks for the memeories.
tom gillock
( E3,1975- 1979)
good time. mtg1995@NetZero
David Cutchins
( LtJG,1979-1982)
Many memories of these years on the Saginaw.
Rodney Payne
( E3,1984-1988)
I am trying to get in touch with Wendell Comer, Curt Wilcoxson, and Mouse. If you want to contact me send and email to The Unitas of 84 still haunts me...and yes the extra time in Italy was great except for the fire part, coulda done without that.
( 1972)
nancy Rita
( 01) Love you all
chuck comer
( en2,1983-1989)
remember south american cruize and the fire in #1 engineroom that went threw all three enginrooms before we got it out
Scott Pauley
( Cpl,1975-1979)
Went on the Med 78 cruise with Weapons Plt, Charlie Company, 1/8. Great liberty opportunities because of Capt. Dungan rewarding us, good man. Best unit that I was ever in. Sad to say I lost contact with everyone when we got back stateside.
Dale R Kerr
( BTFN,1975-1978)
#2 Engine Room Boilers Side
Dale Kerr (mutt)
( ENFN,1975-1975)
Lots of good applejack in #2 eng rm.. feel free to contact me @ ret in OCT 1995
Arturo Serna
( RM3,1972-1073)
Have not seen website for over a year.. Any reunions planned?
Eric Pistek
( en2,79-82)
David Ballard how does one get in touch with you? Still claming?? You mentioned Cheif Palmos but what about the "hairless" Hartlove?? Do you remember Steve Lee? the saginaw was a great time??
Ellen DeLair
( 1968-1972)
My brother Greg served, and I just wanted to let you know he passed away Sept. 30th 2007. He talked very highly of all who served with him. He really cared about the Navy, just like our dad did.
Eric Hatter
( BM3,80-84)
new e-mail,
( HN (HM1 RET),1984-1989)
WOW!!!What a great site! 3 1/2 years onboard made alot of memories. Hay Ken, does your aunt in Richmond still figh the Civil War? drop me a line.
Tom Burchell
( SN,1983-1984)
Great site brings back memories!
James Castillo
( HM3,1985-1985)
HUh HUH HUH... great site!
Jim Poehlman
( EM2 onboard EMC (ret),1987-1991)
I just recently found out through another Navy site that Russ Fowler has passed away. Russ was someone I looked up to, a great leader, and wonderful to work with. He was the OSL in Repair 5 during the 87 fire. His actions, as well as the whole locker under him, probably saved the ship. He will be missed.
Scott Berry
( HM3-HM2,1972)
I was aboard with the marines3/8 for cold weather training,amphibious assault on Reid State Park in Maine,took a 53 degree roll getting there,then on a Med cruise with 2/2. I remember good food,and cramped sleeping quarters.
Kraig Troupe
( SKSN,1982-1986)
Sorry to hear about Capt. Johnson a true role model for us all.My first and favorite Capt.I wouldn't have made it had it not been for "Bulldog"!We were all like family.
Jim Poehlman
( EM2 onboard EMC (ret),87-91)
Hey All! Checkout the USS Saginaw LST-1188 Group on Facebook. Add anything pertaining to the Ship/Navy that you'd like. Brad, feel free to work your magic
George Bonsall
( LTJG,1984-1987)
retired this year after 25 years, still have great memories of SAGINAW. Great crew!
Bruce Cameron
( SN,65-68)
from walled lake MI on the Washtenaw county LST 1166 west pack great Job now turn 2 men
( ICFN,85-88)
mike cribbs iam sending u an email,good to see so many people up here jeff donaldson/van hayes..all those old a gangers look me up
John Toye
( FN,1977-1979)
ENC Pat Finley! Wanted to thank you for taking the time to show me how enjoyable the Engineman Rate was. I shared some kind words for you at my retirement in 1998. You were certainly an influence on me and other junior sailors and truly were a "Great Chief Petty Officer". Thanks for taking care of us and shaping us into the adults we became! Cheers, John Toye M Divison 77-79
ETR-2 Lyons
( '72-'75)
It's wierd to think that it's almost 2009! Went to visit Harry Elam in North Carolina last spring and got to make a few laps with him in his Cobra at VIR! That was fun. Harry has since retired from racing, but says he will still be a presence at the track. The mushroom flag was flown over his house for us! I went back to school to earn my teaching credential and was hired as the shop teacher at Crescent High School in Joyce, Washington. This year I am teaching machine shop, welding, auto shop, wood shop, applied math and yes - electronics! Working with high school kids is a lot of fun, and I hope they get as much enjoyment out of it as I do!! Hope this finds you all well, and I wish you all the best in 2009. Take Care - Ralph Lyons
Peter Gregorakos
( Sgt. ,1979-1983)
I was on the Saginaw for Cold Winter 83. On the way back from Norway we ran into a storm that damaged the ship. We had to stop in Rota, Spain in order for the ship to be repaired. I had never been to Rota but luckily for me Sgt. Kerr was on the Saginaw too and he knew just where to go there! It was a great 10 days in Rota. Seeing this site brought back all the memories from those days. Best wishes to all the crew and Marines that were on the Saginaw..
Michael Shircliff
( BMSN,78-81)
Wow..Great site, thanks.. One of my fondest memories was going through a hurricane. I was boats of the watch on the bridge and there was an officer (LT Phelps if I remember) who most of the time was a p.i.t.a (pain in the ass) and it happened to be his watch. He was known for getting sick in heavy seas. There was a guy on the helm named Childress and he and I decided to see if we could make the boat rock some more to get him sick because we didn’t like his constant crap or how he treated people. I told Childress to start sliding the ship down the side of large waves and he quickly got the hang of it. It would slide…slide…slide…and slam in to the bottom of the trough. I thought it was a blast, and the officer kept getting greener and greener… Long story short, we accomplished our objective… Unfortunately, the next day, there was a 110 inch long crack in the hull between the aluminum superstructure and steel deck… LOL… Childress and I were very quiet about our accomplishment….lol… I believe the one that did it was the 49 degree roll… Red-dog, I am amazed that you straightened out your life and glad to hear it. I have wondered for years what happened to you. Unfortunately, I believe I was just about as un-liked as the officer mentioned above, so you may or may not remember me. Congrats on accomplishing your life’s objective. Cloutier, I remember you also, you were the toughest guy I’d ever seen. Porter, I remember you and I passing in the corridor one time and you said something I took offensively and offered to give one free swing and I’d rip your head off…lol… Luckily for both of us, you declined… Corbett, I remember you, and it is funny, the thing I remember was you were always saying you were the best YN back then too… Lol.. I guess a lot of us don’t change much even as we age. You transferred off soon after I arrived. Enough for now, but I’ll be posting more… The memories are fond…
Michael Shircliff
( BMSN,78-81)
Maybe it was 59
Michael Shircliff
( BMSN,78-81)
I remember the Captain (McDonald?)getting about 50 of us to moon the Russians as they watched us with binoculars from the other side of the Berlin wall...and when they did a flyover with a helo.. Great of the best... Especially liked the Captains gig beer sorties around the ship since alcohol wasn't allowed on board the ship itself, during the barbecues on deck...and the captain calling the marines ondeck to take pictures of the Artic
Michael Shircliff
( BMSN,78-81)
Cuban refugee crisis somewhere 78-81 and later known as the Mariel Boat lift… I was on the Sag when Castro decided to let people leave Cuba in whatever they could, however they could… It was said he released those from prison overcrowding and mental hospitals… It was hurricane season. People were piling into old fishing boats, speedboats, and way overcrowding them… One boat, wooden, maybe 100 foot long that I remember, had literally what looked like hundreds of people on it. Men, Women, children and babies. It was Rock and Roll time, the waves were thirty feet, the storm was terrible…and the wooden boat was way overloaded, leaking, and it looked like a miracle that it was able to survive in the open ocean at all. During this storm, if memory serves right, we, all the ships in the Navy, rescued over 700 people from boats, boats that had run out of gas, some that were sinking, some that were literally not meant to be, or in shape for, the open seas and this great storm…etc. People were literally sinking and drowning all over the ocean during that particular storm and time… This particular boat, the wooden one earlier, had waves were washing over those on deck and they were screaming and many panicked, terrified of their boat sinking in the storm. You could hear it shudder and creak and moan as the Huge waves pounded it relentlessly. We couldn’t bring the ship alongside the fishing vessel, it was foundering, and wooden, and in the high seas, the metal ship would have hit the side of the fishing boat and shattered it sending hundreds to certain death in the stormy seas. The fishing vessel was making way, and the the solution was to bring the ship so that it was off the bow ahead of the fishing vessel and to match speed with the fishing vessel. Then, with both boats going the same speed in the heavy seas….they lowered the stern gate. They dropped the stern door, hooked a line to a ten man raft, and drifted the raft back to those onboard the wooden boat. If memory serves, BM2 Ted McNeil and BMSN Hansen were running the rescue on the tank deck. I believe they and others got aboard the raft taking turns, and the line was pay’d out by hand until their life raft got alongside the sinking vessel. People lined the rails of the fishing vessel holding their children and looked terrified…some screaming and crying…. The rough seas, thirty feet or so, would send the fishing boat up on top of a wave, and the raft would go up and down in waves alongside the fishing boat. At some times, the fishing boat was thirty feet above them and they were thirty feet below in the trough. At other times, the fishing boat was in the trough and they were on top of the wave next to it towering over the fishing boat and looking down on it. This sea saw action was amazing. The raft going up, the fishing boat going down, high winds, heavy seas, rain, dark clouds. As a wave would bring the life raft up the side of the fishing boat even with the deck, people would throw their children and women to the guys in the life raft as the raft came up even with the deck of the fishing boat. They’d catch them, doing it over and over again until the raft was full. Then the raft full of people would be pulled back into the cargo bay via the stern door. It was the bravest thing I ever saw, and those forgotten hero’s saved at least a hundred or more lives that day alone. They should have gotten medals. I know two of those guys were BM2 Ted McNeil, and BM3 Hansen, but there were others back there that day too. Me, I had duty on the bridge and had to leave as they were setting it up and planning it. A day or two later, things had calmed down, and we were towing the fishing vessels behind us on tow ropes…eventually to be sunk by guys with the 3 inch guns and fifties since we couldn’t tow them around and they were hazards to navigation I suppose… We then had maybe a hundred and more people onboard that slept on the tank deck, and other spaces and were made as comfortable as possible in the limited space available. When it came time to get them off the ship, they sent helicopters. Their were Marines dressed in camos that were trying to get the people to get on the helios… The people were terrified, they didn’t speak English for the most part, and they probably thought we were going to send them back to Cuba on the helios… They were terrified of the guys that looked just like the soldiers they were so terrified of in Cuba trying to get them on the helo. They were also just plain afraid to get on the helios too.. I was the flight deck crew, and could see they were scared to get on the chopper, so I went and leaned up against the chopper and smiled at them and laughed, waving them on…I was in the in-offensive and informal Navy blue pants and shirt, so I wasn’t as scary to them as the guys in camo gear…. They took the hint and boarded the chopper. I looked up, and up on the top walkway of the superstructure of the ship, the captain was watching all this… I waved, and ran around the back of the chopper to get out of the way so it could take off… and get back to my station. When I ran around the back of the chopper, I slipped on the wet deck and slid right up started to go over the side. The nets on the side were lowered for helio ops…and knowing the nets were rotten and wouldn’t hold up any weight, I grabbed the edge of the flight deck, and one of the metal stanchions to keep from going into the net and over the side… I remember saying shit! to myself as I looked at the water below hanging there over the side… All the while the captain was watching… As I recovered, and got back on and ran to my station, I could see the captain shake his head and walk off… After the rescue operations, there was an awards ceremony for a job well done for all the crew. I was awarded the Humanitarian Medal….not for helping Ted McNeil and Hansen…or the people….but to this day; I believe for not going over the side during those operations….lol… Ted McNeil, Hansen, and whoever else it was they send back in that life raft, should have gotten medals, but didn’t, because the captain didn’t happen to be standing their watching them and their heroics… Our government put the refugees in tent city refugee camps where they were held for years and years in many cases until they were finally let go into the population when a judge ordered the camps closed. If you ever saw the movie Scarface and Tony Montana…where he says…”say hello to my little friend”, the camps in that movie are where all those people we rescued in good faith and intentions ended up in… Twenty years later, I actually met a person who was talking about being rescued from those boats living in Las Vegas. Life was hard for the people we rescued from the sea. They held him in the camps for two years….before letting him out and when he got out, he was penniless and had nowhere to go…but he managed to survive. He says he was one of the people in the wooden boat, and he said to say thanks to the guys in the raft for saving their lives…and he was still surviving any way he could all those twenty years later… Ps, I’d be interested in anyone else’s recollection of the events as well, my memory isn’t what is should be, and I’d feel terrible if I slighted one of those heros’ because of a faulty memory… Life in the Military…. I still have the medal these 30 years later…and some great memories of the hero’s I met in service, and aboard the Sag. Rock and roll forever… Michael Shircliff – BMSN…way back when… May the great spirit bless all who had the courage to serve.
Michael Shircliff
( BMSN,78-81)
I remember climbing the derrick arms and sitting on the cross walk in the middle, out in front of the bow, and a maybe fifty feet above the water. I hung on for dear life so I could experience the 100 foot spray as the ship slammed into the oncoming waves... Best ride I've ever been on and it was free... Later I was told the OOD was on the 1mc ordering me off the derrick arm, but with the wind and the storm, I didn't hear him... I was told they told someone to go out there and get me down, but they told them NO It was an
ETR-2 Lyons
( 72-75)
Those Damn flat bottomed bastards! Our particular pita was Lt Sullivan, who Capt Mclaughlin made keep a bucket with him and threatened to kick him off the bridge if he missed it again! One winter in the North Atlantic we took a 59 degree roll to starboard and she rolled back 52 to port. Augie Pabon almost went over the side from the sig bridge and I was in the ET shop when it happened. On that cruise we had the superstructure begin to separate from the main deck at that coaming, too. That was a design flaw. HT1 Robinson in a harness and a sling made a pretty good repair of the crack while at sea, then it was improved when we got back to Little Creek. I think that was Snowy Beach in early '75 Best wishes - Ralph
Bryan Barrett
( ET3,90-92)
Todd A. Glunt
( engineman E3,1989-1992)
Just seeing whos all here
Todd A. Glunt
( ENG E3,1989-1992)
anyone who wants to email or look on facebook
Gene Becker
( SM3,74-78)
I found this site today. Man what a wake-up call it was for me. It has been 31 years since I departed the Saginaw. If you remember me (SMSN Duffy, SM3 Smith, ET2 Vaughn, ET2 Lyons, HM2 Ellenbecker, EN3 Becker or any old timers) please feel free to e-mail me at
James Gilligan
( Cpl.,1990-1991)
want to know of any Marines who were a part of Operation Desert Storm who want connect. email at
tony simmons
( SH3,1983-1985)
I was in supply, was the barber and ran the laundry and stores with Jimmy Calendar, Dale Pulse and SH1 Charles Nesbit was over us. If you would like to contact me, please do so at I have 9 email addresses from the site so I will contact you. Troop, I’ll be contacting you tonight.
James "Caz" Castillo UNITAS/WATC 85
( HM3,1984-1985)
RIO! man what a trip! Recall fishing in Chacabuco, Crazy liberty calls in Talcahuano,and Caracas! DOC Artie running up his credit cards! hee hee hee I still remember! Crazy shellback ceremony in Equador! THE GREAT FOAM MONSTER! Teetering on a sand bar off the coast of Africa. A certain LCPL losing front teeth! Boxing on the flight deck! A Tug slamming in to the port side! Fetching stranded (and intoxicated) senior officers from a Chilean bar! SGT Wingnut! Walking the isthmus of Panama and dodging killer bees! Whew! got more stories! Catcha all later!
EO2 John C. Cline
( EO2,1986-1993)
The best times.
Mike Minton
( BM3,1987-1989)
Had a lot of good times,and made alot of good friends.
Robert Hobba
( HM2,1987-1991)
What a Ship, What a Cruise, What a Crew - It was great.
M stauffer
( 1970-1975)
great site
Edward Sherlin
( ETC (RET),1983-1986)
Was in OE01, ET1 House was LPO, anyone have contact with him. John Day you still in AZ
john moran
( FTG3,1970-1972)
looking thru all the comments and the names they do begin to come back. Plank Owner. Bob Graf saw your comment it was the best and worst of times, but I think we were at our best together. I would love to hear from you guys. Have some very good memories. I heard Spanke listed someone looking for him if you get a line please post. Spanke and I separatered at the same time and he came home with me to FL. The last time I saw him was when I dropped him of in west palm beach to satrt his new life. Bob Graf if you see this drop me a line.
frank p smith
( lcpl,1979-1980)
served with golf co blt 2/8 united states marine corp
Doug Erbele
( Ltjg,75-76)
Ops. Remembering Capt Bruce and all the port calls in Tortola. Who has to wake up the old man to get underway???
Terry Wallace Thompson
( OS2,1980-1984)
The USS Saginaw was actually our home. I worked with people that I look back now and refer to as family. We went through a lot (the yards, two tours of Beirut, and the North Atlantic). . It was nice to see the flowers that were in bloom around the world. In Israel, Turkey, Italy, Norway, England, Bahamas, Peurto Rico, & Jamaica. We did visit other ports, but it was only those I just listed that we had time to stop and smell the roses. I will never forget a loan shark who was always waiting at the bottom of the ladder on payday. In regards to port visits he usually wound up with half of my paycheck. When visiting Naples, Italy and Jamaica.....he got most of my paycheck. I wish they all could be California girls.
Brad Broerman
( EM2,87-91)
I have a new photo album that I want to test. Now, the front page is not going to be shown (I'll use the current front page), but pleas play around with the individual albums, and let me know which you prefer, the originals, or the new one... The URL to the new albums is: Thanks!
Joe Alvarez
( EN1/C onboard ENCM (ret),1987-1993)
Hello to all I served with on the SAG! Good to see a few names I still recognized. I am now the Senior Engineer for a DoD contracting firm in D.C. EN1 Charlie Smith works with me so did ENCM Roades (he moved to a different company now). To Poelmann congrats on making Chief, CWO Bailey for jumping out with the "Okay girls where the chicken act" during ECCT. Van Hayes, Fn Aldridge is now CWO Aldridge. Adam Shebroe thanks for letting me do what I needed to do to keep you out of hotwater. CDR Howard for coming to the Chiefs initiation at Tom's Tiki-Ti. To all other rest that whould make this a long page to read. ENCM Ron Roades works at Quantico lost contact with him. My contact info for all is Drop me a line Take Care guys. Brad cool site!
Gerard Wargo
( sn-bm3,71 -74)
Just saw the web site. It was very nice to see the names and stories.Trying to put faces with the names is a little difficult it has been a long time.I hear from Al Lincoln once in awhile. Has anyone heard from Larry Davis,Bruce Hansen,Jerry Fields.I retired in 1991 as Command Master Chief RTC ORLANDO.Would like to hear from anyone.Address is gwargo@bellsouth.netBLEND
( EM2,1969-1974)
Broderick D Banks
( EN2,1987-1989)
( 1991-DECOM)
Steven Casavant
( BM3,1991-1993)
Where is BM2 Latimore. That guy was the stereotypical Boatswains mate. First shipmate I met on the quarterdeck when I went to the fleet. Scary man. Once Igot to know him great guy. I remembered him as superstitious and never washing his coffee mug.
Gene Kohout
( EM1,1970-1972)
Hello all you plank owners & EMS
Robert Manis
( HM Striker,1972-1973)
Hello all you Saginaw members. It was a great ship. Want to say hello to my fellow members from when we served as well as all the others. Special hello to Doc Washington HM1. After the Navy, I served the community of Hilton Head Is. Firefighter, Fire Inspector, Bldg Inspect 25 years of service. Now retired.
Thomas C. Thoma
( Cpl.,1985)
FDC for mortars. Marine Corps ball in Rio. Enough said.
Mike Croslis
( EN2,85-89)
Glad to be retired, but miss everyone from the Aces & Eights
Will Willis
( e-3,1989-1990)
Haven't seen the site in several years, glad to see so many people have had the opportunity to drop a quick line. Still in Virginia can contact me via e-mail: Thanks for sharing!
alfred tyrone smith
( MS3,1983-1985)
served during operation in norway and off the coast of beriut many god continue to bless the saginaw families.
Lee Goldsmith
( BM3,87-91)
Hi, just wanted to update my email: and let everyone know I am retiring from the Coast Guard shortly.
Timothy Laskosky
( BM2,2/1986-2/1992)
Reading alot of these comments brings back a lot of memories and good shipmates. Had great times on the OLE SAG. my e-mail is
Terry Volney
( shsn,1975-1976)
Glad to find this site. Good to see some old names I remember and pounded a few brews down with like Thomas Moore, Mike Vichi, Jack Davidson, Paul Baer, and Hingle, It would be great hearing from you guys again.
Gene Kohout (again)
( EM1 ,1970-1972)
HELLO TO EVERYONE... I found Ray Baez! He retired and made Master Chief. !! WAY TO GO RAY!!. (but I made E-7 before him!! :-).) I got out after 10 years. Living in Washington State. If anyone is interested, my email is Take care, Gene K, Shellback & Probably the only Plankowner "rung-off" by chopper&cable!~!!
John Shaw
( os3,1977-1981)
What a fine site to find after all these years.I have some wild memories on board & in port with some of you
Mark Stauder
( HT,78-81)
I talked to Bill Lee recently, he was in engineering and his brother Mike Lee was a deck ape. Both are doing well and were great shipmate's. Bill informed me that Donnie Gilespie had pass away, he got a smilie face tattoed on the head of, you know, in Hamburg Germany. He was a great shipmate and even though I haven't seen him since 81, I miss him, now that he is gone.
Mark Stauder
( HT,78-81)
I am teaching NJROTC in the upstate of South Carolina. What a great second retirement job. The kids are great,I love my job!
richard currie
( lsbm,1994-1996)
rode in lots of police cars
Michael Shircliff
( BMSN,1978-1981)
Gilespies' smiley face tattoo... LOL. I've laughed at that for thirty years... People like him make life a better place... He will be missed, but not forgotten...
Brad Broerman
( EM2,1987-1991)
I finally found the Sea Chanties that were circulating around the Saginaw when I was in... they're in MP3 format on and you can buy the album on CD... If you're interested, send me an email:
( en3,1990-1992)
Matthew Kohler (mouse)
( EN3,84-89)
Great WEB Lots of memories, Best to of my life, wish I could go back.
Mike Minton
( BM3,1987-1989)
Good times were had by all
Howie Baird
( SHSN,1979-1983)
That sucks about Gillespie. I was holding one of his arms while he endured the pain of receiving the smiley face tatoo. I also had to pay for half the price if he did it. He was a funny, cool kat! I have alot of memories of him (having berthed with them scum bag HT's) and had hoped to hook up one day. It is sad to know he is gone but I will reflect on the memories often (as I do with all the Saginaw dudes I served with).
Pete Travis
( LTjg (DCA),8/76-8/79)
In defense of my HTs, I must say they weren't all that thrilled to be sharing the berthing space with the Supply Division. Obviously a case of mutual dislike between divisions.
Mark Stauder
( HT,78-81)
Let's keep this wonderful site as a NO JAB & STAB site. I can stab a lot, the same as most. Let's just reflect on the fond memories of our shipmates and experiences.
Howie Baird
( SHSN,1979-1983)
When I said "scum bag HTs" I was joking. That is what they always called each other. I guess you had to be there But I figured Stauder didn't take offense to it. Anyway, I liked the HTs and I just got off the phone with Don Gillespie and it seems there is some misimformation going on somewhere. He's had a couple of strokes but is still active and crazy as ever. The word I got was that John Boy Moore had passed away although I cannot verify this. Peace
( EN3,1980-1983)
anthony burton
( ht2,1981-1984)
jst wanted to say hi to everyone whats up gullespie stud happy to hear your still kicking whats up to the lee brothers stil remember our fishing trip for email is give me a ring.good times sailing with you guys.
Pete Travis
( LTjg (DCA),8/76-8/79)
I concur with Mark - my humble apologies to any and all that shared that berthing space, who may have been (or ever will be) offended by my previous comments. Always stood up for my HTs, (and those sailors in 2nd Div. and Auxilary Div. when I was their division officer) old habits are hard to break. My best to all that served onboard.
Jeff Aldridge
( FN - EN2,1987-1990)
WOW! This is an awesome site. Reading all of these posts brings back so many memories. Great pictures for all that sent them in, I think I am in one of them with Rich Vandresen dressed to kill for the talent show! Email:
robert scott
( ht1,84-88)
man tears of joy and pain of course. working for HT1 Ray was a lesson in insanity 101 but man I miss any and all who servred on the Sag Mark never met up with you on the Sag but I think we served in Cuba. Been a long winding road and Im in NC for the last 6 years. And yes I do remember the fire in #1 Me and at the time HT3 Saltsman were the only ones who would go through the door to fight her. Man waht a scary ride that was. I did not see old Booter Salts in hear but would love to reminice. And I was suppose to go see HT1 fowler down in Florida that summer and had been talking with him and his wife regularly, I was slammed as if losing a brother and he was and is dearly missed. Any of you old Saginaw dogs can contact me at Hell yes even you Stauder.
Art McLaughlin A note to let you know one of your shipmates passed away and was buried today.11/06/09. He was Robert Puente and was a Plank Owner on the Saginaw. To time frame it I remember him telling me the "Mud on the Streets" story. He was a retired Cresskill, NJ police Lt. I served with him there, he was my partner.
rich bailey
( MR3,71-72)
Good times, Pettit I do remember the Genoa debacle
Billy Payne
( RM3,aug-72-sep-75)
memories and names i haven't thought of in 34 yrs. i was in radio central with steve busby and i think ray hatzman on the 59 degree roll, tied to a chair i might add. Washington, Wright, buzz, hatz, morellie (anyone remember nick eating the monkey meat in maricabo)? Ralph could build a cell phone out of a BEER CAN. GREAT MEMORIES.
Ricardo Martinez Jr.
( L/Cpl,1986-1990)
I was proud to serve in Teamwork 88 in Norway. I also was part of the "Blue Nose" club.
Charlie Lewis Harrington
( BMC(SW/AW),1987-1990)
Good job shipmate
Harrison Resor
( IC3,81-84)
I think about the good times and the bad times Iam glad I found this site. I learned a good trade.My brother HT3 resor get together and talk about all the crazy guys we had the honor of serving with.
Don Carpenter, QMC(SS) Ret
( QM3,1976-1978)
Ah yes, the beginnings of a long Navy Carreer! Thanks for the memories!
Ralph Lyons ETR2 Billy - I got one of those phones here just for you! I see from above that the age old problem of where to sleep must have been pretty universal! My solution was to buy a hammock in Aruba, then I would string it across the radar transmitter room. In really rough seas it was pretty comfortable! I did get in trouble a few times for sleeping there! One afternoon (after being bitched out by Capt Moore) Harry Elam told me to take some traffic up to the old man. Well I tried to get him to let a RM do it as I was pretty mad still - no good, so I did it. Old DW Moore had a hammock just like mine tied across his stateroom!! His comment was that a seabag just wasn't complete without one! Thats why Harry wanted me to take the traffic up! That's about the last time I got yelled at for sleeping in "Lyons' stateroom". The air conditioning was really nice in there! Best Wishes to all - Ralph
Lyons ETR2 I noticed up a few posts that Bob Puente has passed away. His partner on the police force didn't know when Bob was on the Sag. So in case he checks in again -- Bob Puente EN3 about '70 to '72 I think. Sorry to hear of one of us passing, but there is a special place in heaven for LST sailors 'cause we've done our time in HELL!!!
( EN2,1-81-8-85)
GOOD TIMES! Bilge wine, BT Punches, Greasing Deckapes, Telling a story and always hearing Zwyck say "That ain't shit". Telling everyone in Ohio they're from a generic state. (I ended up north of Columbus)I will consider myself forever fortunate for having served with the guys on the Sag.
Tim Burton
( EN2,1981-1985)
Learned a lot of things. Typing wasn't one of them
Mark Stauder
( HT,78-81)
Happy Thanksgiving to all Saginaw shipmates.
Daryl Brown
( 1980-1984)
Happy Thanksgiving... This brings back alot of memories. Thanks Bill for the site!
( CPL,84-90)
matt dusenberry
( ms,1989-1992)
miss you all
Roderick Rose
( EN1(SW/AW) Ret,1992------1994)
Long Live good ole Saginaw. No other ship like her in the where in the world!!!!!
John M Koutras
( OSSN,1990-1992)
Best ship ever had some really good times during Desert Shield/Desert Storm best of luck to all who have served on LST-1188
Michael Coleman (ENCS-SW Ret)
( EN1 (SW),1987-2001)
Man this really brought back some memories. Thanks for all those that contributed pictures and I'll try to find mine. Brad can you add a space for email addressess? Everyone have a great Christmas.Living in MD.
Tiffan Martin Looking for one of the Australian sailors that came to Little Creek. His name was SMNMTH Daniel Angus.
Tiffan Martin Should have included my email address! It is
Tiffan Martin Should have included my email address! It is
Kermit C. Roberson
( LCPL,1989-1990)
Enjoyed my time on the Med cruise, with 3rd MEU, 2nd Mar Div., 2nd AAV Bttn. I will never forget Spain, Italy, Egypt, Conjours, Israel and Peurto Rico where I first got on.
Steve karekos
( en3,1976-1980)
Good to hear from you'll ship-mates after (30) years (Fat & Drunk & Stupid ) .is now way to go way through life!
Steve "The Greek" Karekos
( En3,1976-1980)
Served in the famed NO.3 Engine room, with Chief Melton,En1 Walter Kempton,En2 Dwayne "The Flash" Dawson,En3 Dave "Snorton Norton" Cowart,En3 Billy "The Wad" Apperson,En3 Bill "Little Buddy"Ledford, En2 Dennis "House-Mouse" and the rest of the Gang ! Many good friends Os3 Rocco Turco,HT2 Tim "Hillbilly" Simmons & Billy Burke, MOONSHINE direct from Johnson City,Tenn.HT3 Bad-Ass. James Marshall, HT2 George "The Manster" Johnson,and my other FLorida homey Sm2 Greg Worley. Nice to see all the old names ! "Barcelona blue's forever "
Walter Sobut
( FTG3,66-69)
Was on the USS DeSoto Cty (Lst-1171),served with GMG2 Larry England. Just found a Larry P. England GMGC on the web.E-mail or call. or wk. 1-800-323-7628 x-2058. Tks.
Philip Edwards
( EN3,80-83)
I stumbled on to the site by accident, i havent had a chance to read everthing yet, but looking forward to it. E-mail address is current if anybody remembers me. take care all of you fellow flat-bottomed sailors
Clarke Steele
( E-4 USMC,1974-1978)
The Saginaw was my first "float." We, Lima 2/10 made a trip to the Med and turkey on the 1188. Great memories.
Tim Burton
( EN2,81-85)
I was in #2 E/R with Mark Monkus, Tommy Braunschiedel and a 3rd class who's name I forgot. I swear this guy could come in on a monday after a 3 day drunk, sprawl out in the booth and explain how to do any PSM check you needed to do. Hey Edwards, good to hear you're alive and well. You still owe me money.
Troy Detmar
( e-3,1983-1985)
In memory of QM Rodger Comtoise who served on the Saginaw with me, you were the best.
Thomas calhoun
( Fn,76-79)
I just found Saginaw sight.I realy enjoyed hearing from everyone.bill ledford,do you remember San Juan.?we were in the right place at the wrong time,I got jumped,you ran for help.thank God you didn't get hurt.thank you.all in all most of the crew I remember.hope to hear from every one.
Jim Sinclair
( YN2,1978-1982)
Never forget me and PN1 Fowler rolling down a mountain side in Italy! We lost our shoes, glasses and wallets, but never lost the bottle of brandy! It was in Jan. of 1980. If you're out there Tim, contact me: Pete Travis/ Great to know you're alive and well! Mr. Eldridge/ I remember the McDonald's episode. Thanks! Perry Corbett/ I was the best YN on the ship! Hope everyone is on good health and spirits. It was great to serve with each and everyone of you.
Jim Sinclair
( YN2,78-82)
BTW. RIP EN2 Ross MacGregor. Massive heart attack August of 09.
van hayes
( en2,1985-88)
I was a child and did childish things. that said man the sag had some fun memories," RIO " ,must i say more .i had friends that can never be replaced , fn sims ,ht3 butler , ht1 bell ,en3 brown ,os2 shipman sk 3cole,baker ,my partner in crime charles "plus" mcall,mabens from st i miss the fellows if u cross this messege hit me @ .i fell in love for the 1st time up there and just rolled out .most the memories where great ,i did miss the chance to touch msc grogs jaw with one of my famous upper cuts to the side and right crosses.hit me up .
Charles Brock
( RM2,Sep 78-june 83)
We are trying to find Kevin Colby was a cook during that time. Hi Mr. Eldridge and Chief Foster, and all the rest of the gang.
Don Ostrom- Toast
( Lcpl,6/85-12/85)
I was with Rifle platoon during UNITAS XXVI. Whats up to Fig,DJ, Horn and all my bros from the Corps.
1st Bn 2nd Marines
( 1987)
Became a Trusty Shellback on the Sag in 87
Steve Karekos
( En3,1976-1980)
(MR1) Jerry Hamm you thought you had the best "RISE-BALL MR1, Jerry Hamm the badest rise ball i ever stood up to ! You could definetly bring it ! Steve "THE GREEK KAREKOS" alias "Mac-dill Hawks (AFB) & (Clearwater-Bombers) rider ! Good to see in their (RET.USNR) RESERVE !
Robert Hobson
( cpl usmc,76-79)
Med float of 78. What a trip. Man do I remember that storm. Any Amtrackers out there drop me a
Danny Ray Lindsey
( 1970-1974)
My dad Served In 1970-1974 and I am looking for anyone who might know him, I know he was stationed on the USS Saginaw and I have a few pictures of him on the boat but that is about it, if anyone might think they know him, please contact me know its a long shot to find anyone that might know him, but its worth a shot..Thank you!
( EN-3,1980-1983)
gregory kump
( sgt,1981-1985)
serverd on the guadacanal, went to beriut, the best way to travel
Mike (skid) Roe
( Deck sn,5-90-12-91)
I found this site thought it was cool. 5/23/10 I would love to connect with Kevin Seal Tex Manual, Dennis "Archie" Andrews, Dubritton, Cassius Thompson all the guys i served with my e-mail is " " thanks Mike
harlan copp
( en3,1977-1980)
hello to all! don`t have dot com machine yet,but soon!
Mark Jachimecki (USMC)
( Cpl,1976-1980)
Med Cruise 78. Charlie Co.1/8. Remember the storm and the amtrak officer that was dipping his hand in the pail of his vomit and eating it. Hello and best wishes to all!
James Castillo
( HM3,1985-1986)
Michael Shotwell
( CPL,1975-1979)
USMC Exercise Display Determination
Joel Blatchford
( HT 3,1980-1986)
I was in the res,But I have vary fond memories of her.glad to see she is still out to sea.
John Morgan
( SK3,1987-1992)
Nice to remember you all and I had alot of fun. You all were an awesome crew to sail with.
Mike Johnson
( SH3,1988-1991)
Was just looking for some pics of the ship to add to my collection, and bumped into this site>> glad so see that I had so many proud shipmates..before and after me
Danny Ray Lindsey
( FN,1971-1974)
I am Danny's daughter and I am just trying to find any info,pictures,friends about him. If anyone might of known him, please contact me at Thanks!
Calvin Coleman
( FCSN,1993-1994)
Great site. I was a SN onboard, it was my first ship and I loved every minute of it. If anyone know me you can reach me on I am a GMC now.
Charles Comer
( EN3,1981-1984)
Email me at
J Heath
( Lcpl,8/90-4/91)
Desert Shield/Desert Storm.Life on that ship sucked ass!!BUT it sure as hell defined my life.
Adam Shebroe
( LT,6/87-5/91)
July 22, 2010 - Great to go back through and read some of the comments. Feel free to contact me on Facebook, I am usually logged in. My email is I currently live outside Atlanta, GA and work for the IRS. Long live the mighty warpig Saginaw.
James Simpson
( EN-3,1973-1977)
I too served during Big Bruce's rein or as some of us often refered to affectionatly as Captain Crunch and the wild bunch. Good reading all the stories. Anyone that remenbers the Simpson Brothers send me an e-mail Royce passed away back in 2004. EN-1 Stanley Thomas passed about 10 years ago
( EN1,1985-1987)
Don Baxter
( FTG3,1971-1974)
I can't believe we have a web sight. This has brought back a lot of good memories. It would be great to hear from all the people, I served with. I tell my kids about becoming a shellback and they look at me like I have screw loose. I tell them about green water coming over the derrick arms and they tell me to take a laxative cuz I must be full of shit. Hope to hear from the old crew. I can be reached at
Michael Buetow
( MS2,88-92)
Had some good times
Brad Broemran
( EM2,87-91)
Just reading my weekly email from and noticed Capt. Cedrun's name mentioned. He is taking temporary command of the USS Pelelieu, after her captain was relieved... He is also the Chief of Staff at Expeditionary Strike Group 3, and according to his bio on the website has had an extraordinary career after leaving the Sag... All who served around 87 - 89 will remember him as THE Chief Engieer, and probably one of the best officers on the ship at the time.
Anthony Deshotel
( E5,1987-1993)
Looking for the guys I served with and where we can have a reunion.
Brad Broerman
( EM2,1987-1991)
Hi, all... Got an email from some guy claiming to be from NCIS asking about a Lt. who was lost at sea in 1972... Anyone know anything?? I will post the full content of his email in the message area
LCPL O'Shaughnessey
( E,1972-1978)
I was aboard the USS Saginaw when she was escorting the USS Ray back across the Atlantic. When we arrive in the Devil's Triangle to hand off the Ray, off the S. Carolina coast, we had no radar. Jean Dixon's prediction was on tap. I am the Marine that fixed the radar for the Navy, telling their technicians that, since they had replaced the magnetron with a new unit, they needed to reduce the filament voltage. The skipper was so overjoyed and relieved that he and I shared a brandy in his quarters, I got a Meritorious Mast, ha ha.
LCPL O'Shaughnessey
( E,1972-1978)
and another thing.....does anyone remember how many DAYS we spent in Soros Bay, off the coast of Turkey, while they searched all the ships for the missing Turkish flag? I don't have it. Never saw it. nada
Ralph Lyons ETR-2
( '72-'75)
I came on board in late '72 and my brother, Dave in early '73 I think. I don't remember any marines who I would let work on my radars - we had three, a SPS-10,a Bendix MR-3 on the bridge and a Bendix MR-5 on the gig. I built the MR-3 out of parts from the salvage yard, and the MR-5 was kept alive pretty much the same way. Once in the fog off Hatteras, I think, the SPS-10 quit, and I climbed the mast at about midnite without any permission to be aloft. Dave and I found the problem, a synchro with a sheared shaft, borrowed one from Mike Price IC3 and had the radar back up by about 0200 or so. Harry Elam stood by the whole time and acted as support any way he could. He was a lifesaver. Harry also kept me out of trouble by telling DW Moore that he would not write me up! However, If that LCPL was really on the Sag till '78, I don't remember him and I left Aug 10 1975. He sure didn't work on the Radar while I was leading ET!! To his credit it was customary to dial back the filament voltage on new maggi's so they wouldn't be so prone to early failure. Not a problem for probably 35 years now! Billy Payne said Butch Vaughn had checked in, but I didn't see his post in the guest book Anybody else?
charlie kendall
( pc3,77-79)
hate to admit this, or maybe proud to, two best years of life. MAIL CALL! MAILMAN5218@GMAIL.COM
SSGT Uriel (Gonzo) Gonzalez
( E-3,1983-1987)
The best Unitas 85' and remember all the liberty ports, especially RIO. Was able to initiate all you non shellbacks on the way back, and remember SSGT Deifedorfer falling face forwad and knocking out his two front teeth. It was an honor serving on her and with all the sailors and marines. I was the crazy Puerto Rican with the AAV Platoon. YAT-YAS.
Barrington Fray
( EM2,1981-1983)
Hello to all fellow shipmates. He you are still here with me; Donald Dunn, Hudson LLoyd, Conrad and all the other names I cant remember. Email:
LCPL O'Shaughnessey
( E3,1972-1978)
Hello Ralph Lyons! I was aboard the Saginaw for only one boat ride, Exercise Display Determination, late 1977. I served with the Air Wing (Marine) and my mos was as a ground radio repairman. See Haynes Johnson's post above, as well as George McHaley. My only responsibilities aboard ship were to teach the Navy techs how to make their jarhead radios work and that was mentioned in a Meritorious Mast I received for this occasion. The sea was flat as glass, the fog like clam chowder and I ambled up to the bridge around 0400 to see a somber group. No friggin radar, we're relying on the hand-off ship's comm as to where they see us and the USS Ray's whereabouts (the submarine we escorted across the pond) and I asked what's up? I was told that they had replaced the magnetron..maggie..and that it would not fire up...each time they flipped the switch the main breaker would kick. That was the instant that I asked the question "did you reduce the filament voltage?". The Navy tech got that glassed over look in his eye and had a long screwdriver in his hand, the type we'd use for making tuning adjustments, and he in frustration flipped it accidentally into the works of the gear. The skipper said "is he right?" And that was that. While I was not a Navy or marine radar tech, I was so good that our radar guys would sometimes ask for help when they were up against a wall. Prior to my jarhead days I got my ham license when I was 12 years old. We built hot amplifiers w/ some 4-1000 Eimac tubes and thus my knowledge about proper filament voltage. It was like ohms law. So yes, we got the radar working in two minutes and the skipper asked me...since I seemed to have all the answers, what should we do next? I told him to turn right and let's get the hell out of here. That is what we did. Debarked at Morehead city. The thing that drove me nuts about the radio/comm rooom behind the bridge was the friggin Bee Gees music that one of the Navy techs played over and over and over and over. Best boat ride of my career.
Dan Finerty
( EN2 (SW),1981-1983)
Hello Saginaw, I remember Gillepies tattoo and how many stripers he showed it to when we were in Ocean View. Gitmo, Capt mcGiure and those HT's Tomlinson and Stauder saving my a@@ soldering up my A/C and R lines. Thx guys, good to know you r still around, and the bro's Lee
Paul "FRENCHY" LaBoyteaux
( BT-3,1980-1984)
Wow great site like to hear from the old gang.Like paul Palmos,Mark nissen,Roger Richardson,Ken Coltharp,Larry Vest,Greg "Bamma" Turner. Take care God Bless the Saginaw
Paul "FRENCHY" LaBoyteaux
( BT-3,1980-1984)
Wow great site like to hear from the old gang.Like paul Palmos,Mark nissen,Roger Richardson,Ken Coltharp,Larry Vest,Greg "Bamma" Turner. Take care God Bless the Saginaw
Joe Przybylowicz (SKI)
( EN2,1985-1989)
As always,, a bit late getting to this site.. Talk about going back in time with some of the names I see here.. EN2 Scott Paul and myself are still close friend and been in contact with Roman and Rippy... Served 23 yrs in the Navy and most of it was running into BT1 Hoff,, how ironic is that!!!!! Miss that ship and most of all that crew,, never seen another in navy after it... From the #2 Engine Room to A Gang,,, from the UNITAS to the North Atlantic.... And,,, who can forget swimming in the ballest tanks!!!
james williams
( ht3,1987-1988)
lets here from r div
Richard ( scotty dawg ) Scott
( rm 3,1980-1984)
Yo ! I just took a trip in my mind home ( lst-1188 ) the places the names to many for me to shout out to dawg Arthur Eugene McCOY (rip) RM2 O.T / RM POPE ( The Popester ) BM2 ( THE MAD ) HATTER / BAMA & FRENCHY / Troupe I could go on forever....God is good to allow me to see this day. contact me
Vincent Mulloy
( 1983-1984)
I was a Lcpl in the Marines when I first set first on her and the memories of being sea sick still let me go back to those glorious days. I recently was looking for her and did not know they sold her. bummer
Kevin Seal
( BM3,1989-1993BM3)
Trying to find Mike (Skid) Roe. If anyone knows how...lemme know.
Eric(Rick) Plato
( EM2,73-75)
Great site. I see some names I haven't thought about in awhile. Looking for Jim Mc Gregor aka the claw. Has anyone heard or seen Don Sheperd(EM1)?
kraig troupe
( sksn,1982-1986)
new e-mail
kraig troupe
( sksn,1982-1986)
new e-mail
Will Willis
( E-3,1989-1990)
1/20/11 For the past few years i have followed the Saginaws website and have truly enjoyed reading everyones experiences. I have left my e-mail every year and have yet to recieve a response from anyone. Please understand, should you send me a message, I will respond. I am dying to hear from anyone who was on our float. I still keep in touch with Haefs, Fuusenegger, Mullins, and Cimino for anyone interested. If any of you can get me in touch with Sgt Miller (T.J.) or Mike Harrison please drop me a line at Thanks!!!
Paul K Baer
( e3,1975-1977)
Jack Davidson...this is Paul's sister. He says you were his best friend in the Navy. Paul still has his way with the woman..has me doing all of his typing for him. Paul says, "talk about funny..Jack was the funniest Son of a B_ _ _ _ in the Navy." Says He still loves you. Wants your adress, e-mail or otherwise. Contact him through most of his time now hunting and fishing...has a nice hunting place in the country, 2 kids, 2 grandkids, and still gets the biggest kick out of his own jokes. His sis...Bev
Lee H. Lucas
( RM2,1976-1979)
RM3 Borden...Hey Gus, where the heck are you? Would contact you if I had your email address.
Waylen Beckum
( E-5,1977-1985)
As a United States Marine, I had the Honor of Deploying aboard USS Saginaw LST 1188, as we called her "the devel's hand" 3 times. I look foward in the coming days, to share some photos of her from one of my trips to Norway in 1984, before we returned to Beruit,Lebanon that year.
Dennis (Archie) Andrews
( SN,90-91)
Only spent a short time on my first First Division. Went through Desert Shield/Storm on this rust-bucket (I did alot of painting over that rust). Very cool looking over some of the names here...bringing back alot of memories Retired 9/2009 as an SK1 and back in Va Beach, working at 'the Creek'. Hit me up on Facebook...
Michael Shircliff
( BMSN,78-81)
The Saginaw's motto was "We Shall Deliver." Went back to school, earned some degrees, and thirty some years later, I was picked up by Military Sealift Command whose motto is: "MSC Delivers" Kinda cool, and definately nice to be back among those in uniform and those doing an important job for our country. Its been a great life, and I hope each of yours is too. Michael Shircliff
Brett Trifeletti
( E-1, E-2, E-1,1977-1981)
I was a boiler tech turned seaman. I worked in the fuel gang and was mostly a screw up. I refused to conform to the navy life. I can be found on Facebook and I was contacted by a Craig Ruby today. Any body out there know this guy? He says he hung out in the Log Room, but I don't remember him. Scott Patterson,Wes Perry, Scott Patterson, remeber bird lips from colo. John toy, bob betts, chief finnly, cheif smith, lt travis, dave coward
Brett Trifeletti
( E-1, E-2, E-1,1977-1981)
Man, this site really does bring back alot of memories and alot of stories that I forget. But I do remember Ronnie Trees shooting an M-16 of the side of the ship during a ship's party. I remember hanging with Tom Gillock in Naples. My boy John Toye hanging out with his family in Jacksonville after getting out and the house in Oceanview on the beach. The Triumph Tr-250 skateboard. I remember being in fuel gang and I think it was James Lehman who had passed out from the fumes in the bow JP-5 room; down that long ladder.When I came to find you and I also passed out. Trying to remember if it was Lt.KinKin that blamed us for trying to huff the fumes even though we could have died. Good Times.NHF. I have thought of you guys many times over the years and have forgotten the names of some of you until now. Crazy Bill Ledford; Cerajewski, McAfee, Apperson?, Paul Abrahamson, I miss ya dude. I'm Living in Lansdale, Pa. Married with no Kids, Still Playing guitar and making music on a regular basis. No longer into drugs but ironically working for a pharmaceutical company. (We partied Hard On the SAG) I remember in Morrocco, arriving on the pier and a young guy tried to sell me a plastic jeweled letter opener for $7 US and I refused. He must've lowered the price down several times until we got into a taxi and went to the new city. When we got out of the taxi, he was there and he was asking $1 for the damn Knife thing so I bought it. Find me on Facebook--Brett Trifeletti. Can't wait to hear from you guys. Email me at and help me find some of those old brain cells and memories. Great Site!
Mike Quartuccio
( deck,1981-1981)
That was a rough time in my life. In 1981, for whatever reason I just wasn't able to handle Navy life. I could do the work just fine and I did, but I just couldn't fit in and take orders without always having trouble! Apparently I said some magic words at a Captain's mast and I was booted out by Captain McGuire, ( I think it was McGuire)) Nevertheless , I still remember some good times on the Sag, she was undergoing overhaul in Newport News when I arrived. I remember guys like Mike Clark, Gene Labou, and Ray Robbins I think it was. They were all cooks. I remember Castleberry, Pistek, Howie(the barber), Eric Hatter,BM2 Bernhard and BM2 Ellis (who I worked under),Chief Carter, and Joe Catap who I worked under in the galley. Also of course BM Ken Coltharp who was a good friend to me. So many other faces I remember but cannot put a name to! I recall being in Gitmo and we put those other ships to shame, we got through there in near record time. Hard to believe it's 30 years gone by! I was only out to sea briefly, but enough to know how bad that ship rolled, even in moderate waves! I can hardly imagine the North Atlantic. You guys are awesome.
john d armstrong
( cn,1974-1974)
My frist ship" I made cn on this ship' the navy used call us half jar head seabee are land love but I like being on med' acb seabee I like seeing how it is to real ship those crazy seabee drunk to much allthe time
Jeff Conklin
( BM3,1975-1979)
I remember a lot of fun memories in my time on board. I remember the big roll, I remember ENS Dorfman and being told he could only back down ladders to the quarterdeck, BM1 McCaughn going UA everytime the flyers were in the playoffs. Remember Amphibreftra and bending the boom because we were so tired. BM3 Furr and his size 14 shoes having to special order his boondockers as nobody carried something that you could use as a life boat. SHSN Lambert who in later years converted a nun to marry him. Capt Mac and all his antics but he definitely looked out for the crew. I am so sorry to hear of his passing on here. I still remember his mustang that he used to treasure. I remember the Boatsun Locker and have "movie" night there during the med cruise. Bm3 Curtis and his love of the band Boston and singing to them all the time. I remember that a SN by the last name of Cole disappeared on a deployment, I always wondered what happened to him. I remember sitting off the coast of Virginia at anchor and watching a storm blow through as the XO said the wind speed. I also remember the XO (can't remember his name but we called him Boo Boo) would walk onto the bridge and run into the stachion right inside the door and we knew it was him. Looking at this site has broght back some memories and enjoy them all. I retired in 1995 as a BMC
Jeff Conklin
( BM3,1975-1979)
If anyone would like to contact me I'm oh facebook or my email is
Scott D Evans
( EN3,84-88)
Great times lot of good friends we worked hard and played harder go m-div.
Richard DeVenero
( EM2,1982-1984)
I just found this web site and I think you did a great job.,
Mike Quartuccio
( deck,1981-1981)
I earlier listed a couple guys wrong. Bernhard and Ellis were not BM2 , they were already PO2's. E5's. I had forgotten how to write it it's been so long. Wouldn't be surprised if they both didn't make Chief or even Sr. Chief eventually. Coltharp if you're out there, you remember drinking that bottle of 151 Rum you got in Montego Bay down in the starboard steering room? One guy got the hatch dropped in his face somehow getting out of there, bleeding but still laughing! Good time it was.
Corey Austin
( BM3,1991-1994)
Sorry Charlie Oscar, one time in your Captains Gig while restricted to the boat due to a hurricane we needed to cool some beer down so we used the fire extinguisher. Boy that thing cleared the cabin when it started sucking all the O2 out and we could not breathe. Don’t worry we all lived and the beer was cold that night.
Don Baxter
( FTG3,1970 -1974)
Would like to hear from old shipmates. Good times old memories.
Tim Caldwell
( EN-2,1969-1973)
I was on the USS Plymouth Rock, LSD-29 from '70 thru '73. remember the Saginaw well. Operation Snowy Beach, Med Cruise '72, Gitmo, Panama etc., etc. Lots of good (and bad) times steaming with the El Paso & Guadacanal. Nice site. Check out the Plymouth Rock site. Lote of photos of your ship there. New offshore current vacancies on site Master, Ch off, 2 off, 2 eng
Frank Justus
( L/cpl,1976-1979)
Went on Med cruise 78 with chargin Chuck Co. 1/8. Can be reached
Steve the
( BM-EN3,1976-1980)
Hey you Mugs.Just an f.y.i. i was able to find everyones buddy. Hiding in seclusion in "Brooklyn N.Y. after thirty long years! Yes everyones good buddy ! (OSSN) "Rocco Spanky Turco". Yes it's true came to TAMPA BAY to visit and take in a TAMPA "Rays & NEW YORK "Yankees" game. Had a blast ! Good to hear from everyone especially En3 "Cisco Kid Rosales" & EnFn Trifolletti and "John Toye" unblievable do you still have your old "VEGA" ?
Steve "The Greek" Karekos
( EN3,1976-1980)
Sorry my name wasn't entered ?
Jerry Heltom
( em3,1978-1980)
I hated those days at sea, but now I love those memories, I have the "Order Of The Ditch" hanging on my wall in front of me right now ! Thanks Sag!
Jerry Helton spelled my name wrong ! its late !!!
Ralph Lyons ETR2 Baxter!! I remember you. Best wishes to you! If anyone gets near Sequim, Washington look me up! Best wishes again - Ralph (360)683-0731
Larry D. Oswalt
( BM2,14-05-70-15-11-74)
I served aboard the Barnstable County [LST-1197] and fell in love with LST's. Couldn't believe it when navy dropped the T's.
James W Ritchie
( GMG-E-3,4/75-1/77)
I enjoyed all the frinds that I made while I was aboard the Saganaw. I enjoyed all the places that I got to go to.
( rm2,87-91)
charlie kendall
( PC3,1977-1979)
new e mail
Brent Siler
( Sgt,1987-1987)
I was a Marine on board the Sag and I will say that the Sailors were the best I ever floated with. Made us feel at home, especially Baker from the Signal Bridge. We were returning from Egypt when the main engine room caught fire and we did 45 days in Naples. I still crave the Chili-Mac and Mid-Rats
jerry lance
( HT,1980-1982)
looking for ray Cloutier drop a
Rich Brodmann
( ENCS(SW) Retired,1987-1993)
Hey Saginaw Mates! Today is: June 27, 2011. Been retired for 11 years already! Great seeing some familiar names on here...Great memories...some of the hardest working people served on the Sag. I'm living in Norfolk, VA...retired in January 2000. Anyone who cares to..give me a holler at: Take Care and God Bless. Till next time! Rich Brodmann
Carl Sutherland
( SN-BM3,81-83)
I found this site many years ago and came across it's link on USS Saginaw's Facebook today, so I had to re-visit.
Alan Bartnik
( HN Striker,1979-1981)
Came aboard at 17 y/o to await assignment to Hospital Corps School. Intersting, exciting, enjoyable and horrible memories of USS Saginaw. Interesting how seeing names like Howie Baird, Jerry Lance, Jim Sinclair, Tim Fowler, Norman Phelps and Lt. Eldridge bring back so many memories. Ended up "doing time" in Deck Division for ticking off our benevolent XO, but in hindsight put me together with some interesting characters and hey...who can't benefit from knowing how to splice rope : ) Contact:
William Kurtz
( ht3,1970-1972)
The Royal Australian Navy along with Defence Minister have announced that the HMAS Kinimbla that was set for decommissioning at the end of 2014 was too expensive to make seaworthy and as a result HMAS Kinimbla scrap date has been moved forward .... This is almost like a death in the family.
Ralph Lyons
( ETR-2,72-75)
I could have gone all night without reading that. I wonder how many 59 degree rolls she would have taken in Irene the other day? Seaworthy? - not really. The memories and friends and what I learned about life will keep the old girl immortal for me. I will have to fly my mushroom flag, now, just for remembering. Best Wishes to all - Ralph - Sequim, Wash. (360)683-0731
Pete Travis
( DCA,8/76-8/79)
So you're the keeper of the Mushroom Flag! Good to know that it is still in existance. Any chance you could take a picture of it and post it on this site and Facebook?
Ralph Lyons Pete - Bruce McLaughlin JR. USA is the keeper of the mushroom flag! He kindly sent Harry Elam and myself photos of it, and Harry had two made that I know of. I have one, a gift from Harry, and the other one was flown from Harry's house in Corolla, NC when my wife and I visited in April of 2009. You can e-mail Harry at Bruce Jr was a major last time I wrote to him, and was about to deploy to Irac as CO of a transportation unit. He was going to use the flag as his unit flag! When Bruce SR retired, he was given the flag, and another with a whole lot of little mushrooms on it - each signed by the officers (I guess) on the ship at the time. Bruce Jr has that one too. I wish you the best, and hope to meet you someday. SM1 Tom Pruit made the original flag, and ET1 Bill McKinney and I chipped in to purchase fabric I think in Palma. The Capt, Bill, Tom and I and maybe somebody else had all been enjoying Texas Jacks, and talked him into letting the flag be made, with the promise that it would be "in good taste" Bruce hadn't seen it yet when we had a unrep exercise with the Savanna and we (Tom) got it unfurled before Savanna unfurled her aunt Jemima flag! Comodore Karlowitz radioed (real quick) "what is that flag?" and Bruce just replied "the house flag" then went up on the sig bridge to see it! We also tried to get him to let us paint the "dead man's hand" aces & eights on the ship but he wouldn't let us. There is more, but it is getting late. Please feel free to call (360)683-0731 or write to 182 Atterberry Rd Sequim, Wa. 98382 or e-mail at Again best wishes and take care Ralph Lyons
ray cloutier
( sm,79-82)
havent checked this sight in yrs
M.C. Stauder
( Hull Tech,78-81)
Speaking of flags, does anyone have a picture of the flag that Captain McGuire had hoisted when we pulled out of GTMO early? I did have a picture but it must have gotten lost in a move.
Mike Price
( IC 3,1972-1976)
Had to move back from wonderful Mule Creek, New Mexico to Mescal, Arizona due to wife needing health care and too many miles traveling back and forth. Here is my current email address:
EM3 Paul Conrad
( EM3,1981-1984)
Uploaded some photos to my flickr account of the Sag in Beirut Harbor 1982 as we dropped off the marines. Man that was fun. Especially the time that plane was shot by the Israeli army when it was overhead. Good times e-mail me at, or
Dan Finerty
( EN2 (SW),1981-1983)
Stauder I have the pic of the FU flag comin out of GITMO contact me @ and I will send you the pics, Merry X-mas All!!
( 4,1112-3333)
May i know what are the events that you participated last time.
( 6,3-5)
You have done an excellent job of research and writing. <a href="">Gari Gold</a>
( 7,3-555)
Aaron mcpeak Jr.
( Cpl - US Marines,78-79 Med @ Carribean Cruises)
Did 2 floates on USS Saginal had some great libertiies around the world thanks to the ol 1188 !
ghd rettetang
( ghd rettetang)
ghd rettetang lover
L/Cpl Greory K. Stanley
( L/Cpl,1976-1979)
For a flat bottom piece of shit, everyone told me about. She served me well. Got us there and back. Enjoyed the time with my fellow (Navy) personnel. God bless you all
Steven Kroschel
( BT-3,1975-1977)
I seen Mike McAfee and Dale Kerr ( mutt ) made entries here. I stumbled on the web site googling the ship to show my son what kind of ship it was and found the sing in. It was funning reading threw the entries bringing back some good ole days. I remmber the bilge washing, water fight we had in engine room #2. and I remmber the cider lol. Boy some of the things we did to amuse our selves down there. I wonder if they ever fixed thoughs evaporators, they never seemed to work like they where suppose to espeacialy when the Marines where on board. Well this brought back a lot of memories espeacly the brawl on San Juan, I can't remmber what triggered it, or we where just un welcomed there. Yes and I remmbered when the CO and Xo tied the liberty boat off of the fan tail because we could not take liberty for some war game, and said we could have beer if we got them out of the boat, it was a lot of fun until some restricted guy hollered "shark" and as fast as the fun started it ended. my contact is or face book. I put this entery in 01/07/12. I noticed that there are no entry dates on most of these. Boy that was 35 years ago. I wonder how the ole girl is doing?
Mike Muller
( ENFN,1984-1987)
Anybody from M division (Comer, Mac Brown, "Ski", Beauchamp or EN1 Slaughter) Contact me at
Will Willis
( E-3,1988-1992)
Posted a note 4 or 5 years ago and have since changed my e-mail to Since the I have made contact with Haefs, Cimino, and Timmy Ray Mullins. I loved the float and loved the Saginaw. I see where a few of the boys dropped a line or two. Glad to see that this site is still alive. Thanks!
Bruce Laubon
( S3,1970-1972)
Great deck crew.
David A. Cressler
( CS3,1972-1973)
I served on this ship as a cook. If anyone remembers Willie Shaw I would like to hear from him.
David A. Cressler
( CS3,1972-1973)
I served on this ship as a cook. If anyone remembers Willie Shaw I would like to hear from him. My e-mail address is
( USMC,1986-1987)
DID MED FLOAT....Great ship,BAD in high seas..SICK SICK
Jay Mauch
( ENFN/FA,Jan 75-Jan 76)
boy, only 1 year aboard Saggy. So many memories. Like the time the turbo charger blew and they had it unwrapped, with the asbestos laying loose all over the engine room deck. Or the time EN3 Sedlak thot it'd be fun, when Archie & another snipe were having a tug of war with a rag in the control room, to whip out his Buck sheath knife and cut the rag in two. Oops, cut off the tip of Archie's finger... yeah, great fun. He gave me the knife & I still have it today. How bout the time the XO came on the horn yelling "This is not a drill." A 25' or 50' or whatever size he said it was, was heading toward the ship. General quarters. I guess the crew didn't do a good enuff time to please him, so after standing down from GQ, here he comes on the horn again... "This is not a drill....." I remember everyone in the birthing compartment, including Petty Officers looking up at the speaker, and flipping the XO the bird. I drove 'Maggot?' Milligan home one time and he gave me a tackle box, loaded with tackle. Still have that, too. It's where I keep Sedlaks knife. Then there was the very peak of my time on Saggy, when we pulled into Puerto Rico. I walked over to the USO to call home, and on the way back got stoned, literally, by 3 US marines. Broke my nose, busted up a joint in my back, and broke my left eye. Have had pain in that joint every day since. Yep, I had a wonderful time aboard Saggy. I remember ENC Johnson, EN1 King, EN2 Steve Hall, EN3 Sedlak, Archie, Ed Hornsby, Claw, Milligan, Becker, & those 3 assholes who stole my 68 Torino and dumped it up in Michigan. Remember a few others but can't put a name on themm right now.
Lucretia If anyone remembers James Edward carruthers or can contact him can you please have him email me at Thank you in advance
John Beard
( Plankowner,1971-1974)
Just wanted to say "THANK YOU" to all the great guys I served with on the "Aces & Eights". And when we all meet again in Heaven, the first round is on........MAYNARD NASH!!! (I haven't forgotten the way you set me up in that bar in Athens!)
( 1975-1978)
My husband Butch was stationed on the Saginaw from 1975 to 1978 and was classified as a fireman, but I will have to get correct description from him. I did join group on Facebook and am currently awaiting approval to join group (Butch does not facebook!) so I was adding his name and years on ship for reference. He was also looking for some of his old ship mates. If anyone was onboard with him, please contact me via facebook and I'll ensure he gets the message. Thanks
( 1975-1978)
My husband Butch was stationed on the Saginaw from 1975 to 1978 and was classified as a fireman, but I will have to get correct description from him. I did join group on Facebook and am currently awaiting approval to join group (Butch does not facebook!) so I was adding his name and years on ship for reference. He was also looking for some of his old ship mates. If anyone was onboard with him, please contact me via facebook and I'll ensure he gets the message. Thanks
Brad (Birdy) Burdette
( ENFN/ICFN,84-88)
WOW a walk down memory lane....GREAT TIMES IN S. America....and all over the world.I see some old names Pete Simeone,Mike Cribbs,Jeff Donaldson,Van Hayes and many more drop me a line hope all is well
Robert Leffler
( PN2,1980-1984)
09/12/2012..Cool site - surprised at all the names I recognized and could immediately put a face with. I've heard from some of you through the years (Hatter, Sinclair, Mike and Bill Lee). Time always adds perspective - I couldn't wait to leave the SAG but now I can' remember why I was in such a hurry.
Jerry Scharder
( EM3,Oct 70-May 74)
Great to see the many friends from a great ship. Thanks for a great site.
Troy Swearingen
( Sgt,1983)
Norway operation
Dan Finerty
( EN2,1981-1983)
Bob...Bob Leffler, How you doin? Jimmy Sinclair is on Facebook. Remember the A/C school I went to? The ship left for lebanon, and it took me 4 months, 7 ships, 2 helo's, 2 naval bases and 1 small boat to get there, and then 1 week later we headed back to the states.
steve downey
( 1978)
Javier Herrera
( 1978)
Like it was yesterday, hitting all the ports and meeting all the beautiful women!! Thats what i remember,thanks for the ride old sag..
steve downey
( 1978)
javier , whats happening bro , bootcamp and the saginaw , we had a good time in chi town
Javier Herrera
( 1978)
Stevie is that you, you old dog, how can i forget chicago, Beautiful women!
Javier Herrera
( 1978)
Hit me up on facebook stevie-javy herrera, how ole red doing, perry corbett?
Javier Herrera
( 1978)
What a trip, my nephew turned my on to this site, Steve call me at 954-549-9754
Javier Herrera
( 1978)
Remember when we use to sneak out of great lakes, and your moms cooking was the best!..true memories, but i forgive you for trying to marry me off in chi-town, i said wait let me explore the world first,,,lol
Javier Herrera
( 1978)
I remember the big feast at your mom's house, Your mom telling me, this how we do in chi-town, by the way you see that girl over there? well she likes you! then i told your mom, who shy me?
John McKay
( RMSN,1975-77)
I was trying to follow-up on where the 1188 had gone and found this site. Thanks for putting this up I have enjoyed reading this. Here is my story for the Sag,I was most known for a realistic mask of an old balding guy, neck inall, looked like a dead yardbird. Guys would come to me and ask for me to come to the compartments, to set certain crew members up. I remember an electrician came out of the shower with nothing but a towel and tooth brush container in hand. Came down the latter while everyone hid in the bunks with curtains drawn and the lights were dimed to red. He was bitching to himself about the lighting and the card party had ended(everyones gone) He saw me standing there, and started crying for Jesus while swinging the towel at me, at the same time trying to crawl backwards back-up the latter naked and blowing out both flipflops. When the guys started laughing behind the curtains, it scared him even more,because he told us later while sitting with his knees knocking uncontrolable he thought I was Satan and the background noise was from him.(the laughter)
Derrell "Bullfrog" Thomas
( YN3,1970-1972)
Plank owner, shellback and helluva deck ape/yeoman. Great to see some of my shipmates still alive & well(?). I still remember MOST of the good & bad times we had. Would like to hear from any former shipmates. Email:
ronnie mckenzie
( en-2,1972-1975)
im still alive
Rich Byham
( LtJg,1972-1975)
Most notable quote from "fast Eddie" (on the forecastle trying to work the ship to the pier directing line handlers with wind blowing) - to Captain Bruce on the starboard bridge wing "helping" - " Captain you are being as useful as a bushel basket full of used ass holes " - Captain looked at me, shrugged and went back to his Captain's chair. Enjoy this website - Thanks
Ralph Lyons
( ETR2,72-75)
Rich! I remember that day! Remember the mushroom flag? Harry Elam had some made and gave me one. Bruce was a great skipper and I am sure he is missed by many of us. Happy new year and best wishes to you and all the crew !!!
( HT,78-81)
The 666 needed to go away. Is there any plans on a reunion? I plan on visiting Little Creek this summer.
Rich Brodmann
( ENCS(SW),1987-1993)
Hello again Sag Shipmates! Today is Feb 5, 2013....been retired now for 13 years! Miss you guys...a reunion is long overdue. I'm on FB as well.
David Palmer
( 1989-1992)
FANTASTIC Website! I added your link to my bookmark, and forwarded your website to my friends. I really appreciate this tremendous resource. Also, another great website is where veterans can learn about hidden government benefits, how to properly increase their compensation, take part in super giveaway specials for veterans, and find out what merchants are giving discounts to veterans. Keep up the great job!
Erik Codrington
( LTJG,1986-1990)
It's mostly faded to a golden memory at this point, best wishes to all of our former shipmates. I've recently seen CAPT JoeLeonard, and CAPT Jeff Robinson. 2/16/13.
Tom Braunscheidel
( EN2,1978-1982)
Was in M-Div engine #2
David E Koski
( BM2,jan. 75-jan. 79)
Joey Neet
( SN,1992-1994)
Served in 1st and second divisions from 1992-1994. Skeleton crew member 1994.
Mickey McGee
( OS-3,1975-1976)
Anyone remember the XO backing the ship before raising the aft anchors...took five days for divers to cut us out! On the way back to the creek I remember popping my head out of CIC in time to hear the XO ask Capt. McLaughlin what time it was and he looked over at twinkle toes with a look like I'd like to shove my huge fist down your throat, instead replying the big hands on the 8 and the little hand on the 12 lol! I also remember The Captain chipping paint on the signal bridge and it rang though Combat to your bones! He was a man's man! When we did that 40 ship flotilla to Veagus island! I did the boat wave communications and instructions. Combat was full of Admirals and they all respected The Captain!
James Griffin
( RM2,1981-1983)
When I was attached to COMPHIBRON 4 the Commodore (Capt) Fredrick White did on more than one occasion use the USS Saginaw as his flag ship. The USS Saginaw had a great crew and ship. I am proud to have served along side you.
Mark Reed ("Chester")
( FR- A gang,1993-1993)
Wow. Never thought that I would still be seeing this thing again. Had some interesting times. Never forget trying to hide from " the hawk" never could he'd always find you!
Ralph Lyons
( ETR-2,'72-'75)
Got a short note from my nephew a while back - The Aussies sold the ship for scrap back in May of this year (2013) They said it would cost too much to make her seaworthy - well we KNEW that! Anyway sorry to see her go like that. Best wishes to all - Ralph
samuel hernandez jr
( l/cpl,1981-1983)
hello, guys was a marine on-board the ship when it entered beirut in 1982 on a 5-ton truck, the ship was like a surf board on water, and the crew 'the best" who remembers the day ZZ-top came on-board to entertain the troops.. love you all.......sam
Charles William Burnette Jr
( E-3 USMC,1977-1980)
I was with alpha co 1st battalion 6th Marines in 1977 . Can remember how AWSOME it was working and living along with naval personnel
Bill LEE
( en-3,80-83)
RIP- Allen Langenkamp M-DIV Main controll 81-84. Confirmed through his mother. Passed 19April13
Ron Heinicke
( PC3,1970--1973)
I just wanted to let mu shipmates know that my e-mail address has changed to Thanks, Ron Heinicke
George Bonsall
( ENS/LTJG,1984-1987)
Great ship! Super crew! UNITAS/WATC 1985! Fair Winds and Following Seas!
Phil Creider
( Chaplain,1992)
I rode SAGINAW, MEDFLFOAT 1992, as 2/2 BLT Chaplain. I had a ball. I think of SAGINAW often and recall the CREW, MARINES, work, and good times on board and on liberty. I'm retired now but continue to serve as a Catholic Priest in Oklahoma. I boxed a lot on SAGINAW and had some good fights. We had smokers on board, and those were fun, too!
scott paul
( en2 sw,1985-1988)
never knew I was living the most exciting time of my life
Derick S. Hartshorn
( MN3,1955-1959)
HICKORY, NC - Timothy Trent Hughes Sr., 56, loving husband, father and grandfather, passed away Thursday, Jan. 16, 2014, at Frye Regional Medical Center after a brief illness. Timothy was born Oct. 16, 1957, in Buncombe County, to Jacqueline Gasperson Henderson and the late John Hughes. In addition to his father, he was preceded in death by a twin brother, Anthony Keith Hughes. He was a member of Calvary Freewill Baptist Church, a veteran of the U.S. Navy, he served at the end of the Vietnam conflict aboard the USS Saginaw. He retired from Alcatel, loved to play golf and gem mining at Doc's Rocks in Boone. Surviving are his wife, Nancy Bluste Hughes, of the home; daughter, Vicki Franks and husband, Chad, of Connelly Spring; son, Timothy Trent Hughes Jr. and fianc&#130;e, Megan Group, of the home; his mother, Jacqueline Gasperson Henderson, of Asheville; granddaughters, Awbree Hughes and Keisha Franks; grandsons, Brody Hughes, T. C. Franks and Kevin Franks; great-granddaughter, Teagan Franks; brothers, Jeff Hughes and wife, Melissa, of Naples, N.C. and Steven Hughes, of Goldsburg, Pa.; sisters, Michelle Ogle, of Fletcher, Kelly Hughes, of Horseshoe and Jamie Hughes, of Asheville; and numerous nieces and nephews. Services will be held Sunday, Jan. 19, at 3 p.m., at Calvary Freewell Baptist Church, Rutherford College, with the Revs. Leonard Lindsey and Freddy Lindsey officiating. The family will receive friends Sunday from 1:45 to 2:45 p.m. at the church. Condolences may be made online at www. Hickory Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.
Gene Whitsel
( BMSN,1974-9-28-1976)
You may remember me as the one that reported for duty by walking up the bow ramp. :) That was shortly after the death of Mama Cass. That's how I remember that day. Even though others were telling me to go around the side and report at the quarterdeck, I continued, then they made me go back the way I came and come back up the correct way. One other way to remember me was one late night on the mid-watch, I couldn't hold my pee. I called for a relief, but got ignored 3 times. Something had to go, so it went. Right there on the signal bridge. I hated the name Pappy Hardesty gave me. Piss Quick. I was on the bridge the night of the 59 degree roll. I can't remember who it was, but someone went flying across the bridge and nearly went out the side door onto the left bridge. It was scary as hell, but for some reason, I stayed calm. One other event that happened was I was on watch as the aft lookout, (also the mid-watch) when I saw a shooting star in the sky. We were cruising in the Atlantic at the time. I watched as it continued to get closer and closer. Then it hit the water directly in our wake. Nobody but me knows how close we all came to dying that night. I told several, but I really don't think anyone believed me. I just know it's true. There are many of the crew I remember. One good friend was named Amr Mouhammed Mounib. How I remember his name, I have no clue, it just stuck for some reason. Another guy I palled around with was Richard Higgins. He had a bouncy way of walking. Of course I remember Commander Bruce McLaughlin. What a character he was when on shore leave! I was in a bar with him once (British Virgin Islands?) when a really cute hooker got his attention by raising her skirt and patting her twat. He just smiled and guzzled down another beer. I also remember him firing an M60 from his shoulder while standing. Yeah, he was truly a man. I saw that Ken Childs (BM3, 72-76)posted here. I served with him in the same berthing compartment. He helped me a lot in "learning the ropes". BM1 McCaughn was a close friend also. As a matter of fact, I bought his car (1969 Chevy Impala with the 396) shortly before my EOAS date. We used to take trips up to his home in Sharon Hill, Pa. Man could he drink! I'm surprised he kept his stripes after getting that DWI. Fun times, good memories. As to my current status, I have owned my own business since 1994. Gene's Automotive Repair. I started out in Rockwall, Tx, and I'm now in Royse City, Tx. Still going strong at 57 years old. Anybody that cares to can contact me at Thanks for the site. It's great!
john james
( FN,1970-1972)
hello to Jim Moore,Leo Hann,paul depola,best enj.gang of all time on that ship.Won the Big "E"
David Dias
( USMC,1976-1979)
USS Saginaw 1188 Med cruise Feb 1978 thru August 1978. Some of the best times with some of the best friends of my youth.
Luther O'Neal Morgan
( E-1,1982)
I remember who taught me the most Bob Lefler.
Jeff Donaldson
( FN,1984-1987)
To the aging A-Gang 84-87 if you want to drop me a line, Van, Brad, Smith and the rest you made the cruises worth while
Mike Searfino
( YN2,1974-1977)
Just found this site. What a trip down memory lane. Picked up the Sag in Rota at the beginning of 74 Med cruise fresh out of boot camp and A School. The crew was probably the best bunch of guys I ever had the honor of working with and for. From Big Bruce, to Mr. Elam and the Lyons brothers, everyone was special and crazy in their own way. That was my first taste of the real Navy and probably the best ship I was ever stationed aboard. If anyone remembers me and wants to contact me, my email is
stephen moore
( GySgt,08-17-90-02-28-91)
when I found out that we were going to board an landing ship tank, I was not happy. as I get sea sick in a bathtub. during the 7 months I do not think there was a day gone by that I did not feel motion sickness one way or another. I must say that the crew sailor's onboard were professionals all the way. there were times when for what ever reason the ship would lose power and the ship behind us looked as if she was going to become part of the Saginaw and my lap. your crew had power back up in no time which brought a smile to my face. your chiefs were a first class all their own. when I got word that my mother had passed away on the day the war ended, they gave me a few bucks to help me along the way. I will never forget their kindness to this marine. every time I visit my mother, I thank the Saginaw for their kindness. I also pined on my 2nd rocker on board the Saginaw, I'll always remember that day. I was sorry to hear that the Saginaw had gone to the breakers. to the crew you'll always have memories and a place in your hearts for your fine ship.
Doc Klose
( HM2,1978-1981)
Reading these posts is a nice walk down memory lane. The Saginaw was the last time in my life that I was thrown in with guys most of whom I wouldn't have chosen to live with. But that's where the learning came in, right? And I made some unexpected friendships. A highlight: Capt. McGuire announcing "Swim Call!" in the middle of the ocean during Cuban Refugee Ops in 1980.
( en3,92-94)
was in boiler room with bt2 carver thanks for the visit awesome
William Kurtz
( HT3,1970-1972)
If you wish to see the pictures of the end go to the Bing web site and type in pictures of the HMAS Kanimbla scrapping-----sad!
Leslie Reese
( OS3,1985-1988)
Lot of great memories from my time on the ship. Any of my old shipmates email me at great sight.
Kenneth Schomp
( EN2,1981-1983)
no 3 eng rm,throttles,shout out to all the men who served,tom b,randy h,ick,brown,john boy,hoss,jeff f,steve,augie,allan,charlie and of course the best boss I ever had chief palmos,god what a party,the best damn crew I ever had the pleasure of growing up with,and boy did we grow up fast,i hope all are well and have prospered
( EN-2,1972-1975)
Mark Stauder
( HT,77-81)
Just wishing the prior crews of the "Sag" a Happy Thanksgiving. Many memories from some great times. I met a former DCA from a west coast "T" in Annapolis last week and it was great to share stories.
Eddie conover
( E-3,1975-1976)
It was the 70s crazy times,good friends,😎
Mike Webb
( 1971-1972)
Plank owner, Shellback. Stood watch while contractors were still finishing ship before commissioning. Maiden voyage to equator for shell back initiation and through Panama Canal. Awsome Med Cruise. Heavy seas during cold weather ops in North Atlantic off Main Coast. I was a brainless kid. Wish I had paid more attention to that wonderful adventure. Send me message at:
Alvarez (A-Gang) ENCM (SW) Ret
( EN1 - ENC,1987-1993)
It's very interesting to come back here and read from the beginning to, well the last post. The Sag was a very unique ship with a unique crew and officers. When I reported onboard I went to M-Div for one day, the next day I was in A-Gang. I remember being given a nickel/dime tour and being told I had no where to go but up since everything was broken. Cargo hatch was operated with pens overriding the safeties on the board (Prez, Beers, & Pauly), Cargo winch sliding blocks would break and fall into the well deck, both turntable did not work, cargo boom didn't work, bow door motors were broke and they had to be opened by hand, the between deck ramp leaked so much water at sea it flooded the forward part of the ship, so did the stern gate. The ATV and yellow gear were sporadic. Called muster and only 3 people showed up! I remember going down to berthing and everyone was in their rack so I pulled the mattresses with everyone in it out on the deck. Wow a bunch of navy misfits! Over the 5 years that I served on her A-Gang became the division people wanted to transfer into. It was A-gang that repaired the turntable reduction gears and painted the space, it was immaculate, then it flooded (you guys wanted to kill Sound & Security for not sounding the space), replaced the seals and Teflon pads on the between deck ramp, repaired the bow ramp winched, taking them off their foundation with equipment we borrowed from SIMA, repaired the bow ramp motors and the derrick arm control stations, ship's whistle, bow thrusters which hadn't worked in who knows how long, replaced the seals on the stern gate ramp, repaired the cargo elevator, the cargo boom winches, a/c units, air compressors, Capt's gig after it sunk twice. Once while searching for the pilots (Aldridge was boat engineer and he said the compartment was flooding, I told him to keep it running until we got in on board) the other was in Portsmouth when the bos'n forgot to walk the lines since the fell asleep and the tide (13 ft) came in. Repaired the rudders during Blue Water Workups, they swung in opposite directions (the pumps had been mod), blowing out the rudder seals in the Fjord in Norway. We, A-Gang conducted Depot level repairs without tech assist and replaced the seals, and Teflon rings using a scalpel, MR's (Ernie) V-Block and crazy glue!! There was no confidence in this division by the Khakis but I did. It worked and we finished our deployment without have to redo the seals till after our yard period. I may not have been the model leader (may times I was invited to fight and I accepted (McCall was one) but it never came to that. We worked hard and we played hard, it was max liberty in port especially in St Raphael, Toulon, Spain. They tried to replace me in Naples when I went on leave but that didn't work for long! Yes I held each one accountable but A-Gang became the BEST Division on the Sag. They were now being recruited to stand watches in M-Div, I argued with ENCM Roades and split the division to stand watches in after steering and the other for 24-7 trouble calls. Most if not everyone of you made it. You all learned what it took and became the best. Prez, Van Hayes, McCall, CWO4 Aldridge, Ernie, Pauly, Beers, Ostovich, and the rest of you guys. It was a pleasure to have served with you all. ENCM (SW) Alvarez - drop a line (202-756-5395) - my desk phone
Benny Margherita
( EM3,1973-1965)
( EM3,73-75)
Ralph Lyons
( etr2,72-75)
Heard from cs2 murphy the other day - what a trip! please e-mail or call (360) 683-0731. I am the shop teacher at Forks high school in Forks Wa. Best Wishes to all - Ralph
Travis Marshall My Dad served on this ship anyone remember Ray Marshall he was a Master of Arms
Mark Stauder
( HT,1978-1981)
Just wishing all the Saginaw crew a Merry Christmas. If my memory is correct I spent Christmas at least twice in the Med onboard the Saginaw.
Albert Jackson (Jack)
( IC2,1990-1993)
Barry Mills O'Rourke
( USMC,1972-2014)
just sitting here thinking about the good ole days, thanks for the southern cruise Jan-Jul 1973, many memories.
Harold (Lee) Adams
( GMG2,1981-1985)
Four of the greatest years of my life.Greatest Chief GMGC England and shipmates Tim Mccree Joe Ledford Ward Mansbarger Ramond Thurolw Randy Hill Virgil King Trent Smith. Brothers forever.
Chris Kinnison
( SN & OS3,1977-1979)
This was my 1st ship and I will admit to enjoying all the ports we visited. I got out of the Navy and then went back in and eventually retired as an FCC. I served on 4 different FFG's and really got a surprise on one of them when I ran into LT Toye. What a shock when I remembered him as a FN on the Saginaw. Nice finding this website.
Dale E. Hauf
( Cpl,1981-1985)
I remember the days we spent aboard the Saginaw. We had some great times, in Spain, Israel, and other ports. I've been searching for my Marine brothers who went to Beirut. I can remember Cpl Choice, LCpl Hernandez, Cpl Long, LCpl Smock, LCpl Jones and others. If any of you would like to catch up on old times, you can contact me at my email address Semper Fi
James S Albright
( IC 2,1978-1981)
bad ass Boat
Eric Hatter
( BM3,1980-1984)
April 2016- 32 years since I left this ship. Seems like less.
Michael abbott
( En,1987-1990)
on this site. Cwo4 Bailey ltjg Coddington
Michael abbott
( En1 SW ,1987-1990)
Good to see some people that I worked for and with like ltjg Coddington cwo4 Bailey skc sing encsw alverez.
Michael Gallant
( PN2,1973-1975)
Great times, great people, enjoyed my time at sea and since I was ship's office, enjoyed the interaction with the crew!
Michael Gallant
( PN2,1973-1975)
Anyone still have the stamps that were made for our first visit to Tortola?? I have mine somewhere but that was the coolest to see the Saginaw on a stamp!!!!
Phillip McLeod
( EN1/ENC,1984-1989)
Had some great times. When Lt Cedric first got on board as cheng, he would come down to mail control with a bunch of craziness and cwo bailey would tell him to go sit by his dish and luck his nuts. Last I saw him about 6 years age, he was the CO on the USS Boxer. He also rides a big harley. Anyone hear from Scott evans?. He's from west by God Virginia. His favorite saying was "I tell you what". I got most of the guys here are swrmc San Diego saying that now. I run into capt.bugarin a few years ago. He's retired now but he was the INSURV CO. My email is
Tom Byrne ( T.J.)
( LCPL,1982)
was with H Battery 3/10, 1982 32ndMAU
Andy Strohecker
( En11,75-77)
Was lookin for old friends.Seen mention of Paul Bear,Dale Kerr,Mac! Man what good memories,the ones I can remember.Email is site
Ray Johnson Red Beard
( EM 3,76-79)
Like to hear from ship mates !
Allen Wilkinson
( MR3,1976-1979)
Worked in A gang with Jerry Hamm. I will always remember Jerry saving my butt from being written up. Taking my duty as small eng. On a terrible stormy night in the bay of Naples. Thanks Jerry.
Mark Stauder
( HT,1978-1981)
Interesting story, last week while on vacation at Panama City Beach I met an Australian Navy Lieutenant who had been a crew member onboard the HMAS Kanimbla. He had some follow up stories of the afterlife of the Saginaw.
Darrell harrell
( BMSN,88-90)
Yeh I rmbr the racism and rolling dat nd throw in whole convoy off course cause of the taunting that night at the helm. CMDR Howard, XO, and BM1 Cooper thank you guys for your comments at admin board. Even with a general under honorable still having problems with benefits resulting from gulf war in 87-88
Darrell harrell
( BMSN,88-90)
Yeh I rmbr the racism and rolling dat nd throw in whole convoy off course cause of the taunting that night at the helm. CMDR Howard, XO, and BM1 Cooper thank you guys for your comments at admin board. Even with a general under honorable still having problems with benefits resulting from gulf war in 87-88
Darrell harrell
( BMSN,88-90)
Darrell harrell
( BMSN,88-90)
Anyone remember israel when we got locked up for pikpocketers pickpocketing me and we chased them down nd robbed them of all their takes
Roger Millar Visited LST1188 when she made a courtesy visit to Dundee here in Scotland. I think you were on exercises in the North Sea? Early 80's? I still have a cap kindly given to me by PO2 Meeks, with his name on the underside of the peak and a metal insignia attached over the LST1188 embroidery. Good memories of the ship, and I've enjoyed reading your memories, too.....
george saemenes
( usmc lcpl,1977)
on ship display determnaation 77 worked in marine office played guiatir in office with 8th comm battalion lots of memories and pictures
Ray Hatzman
( RM2,1972-1976)
RIP RM3 Billy Payne 11/5/54 -12/7/14, search William Howard Payne Obit Sylacauga, Alabama and RM2 Steve Busby 10/9/50-1/4/17, search Stephen J Busby obit West Monroe Louisiana. It was a pleasure serving with these guys.
jeff (gibby) gibson
( en3 ,1988 -1992)
may 1st 2017 been a long time since I seen or heard from anyone the old beast. its good to see some old faces. we had some good times. to every one I served with, it was an honor!
nick morelli
( rm3,1970-1974)
was in communications 1971 thru 1974 only deck force seaman to transfer while on board ship to operations dpt Radio central made RM3 end of 71 remember snowey beach 40 degree rolls only time I ever puked my brains out while laughting at officer with his head in the bucket . also remember when we becaue shellbacks in the pacific what a time in radio central I should have stayed in I remember all the radio gang and the crazy times we had.
Jerry Parker
( E 4,90-92)
Members that was in A div
( EN2,1970-1971)
Mark Stauder
( HT,1978-1981)
I want to wish all Saginaw crew members a Merry Christmas and a rewarding new year
( E-3,1983)
James Pokrywka
( EMC,1977-1979)
I'm the wife (of 55 years). I'm the computer nerd in the family, and am always searching for friends and relatives, whether for genealogy purposes or to search for old friends and/or Jim's shipmates. Jim completed his 20 years and retired in 1982. We settled in Virginia Beach, VA instead of returned to our hometown, Toledo, OH. We have 2 children, 10 grandchildren, and 12 great-grandchildren (#13 due later this year (2019). I'm sure Jim would love to hear from anyone who served onboard '77 - '79.
( DEP.)
mike buck
( sgt,1979-1973)
I was on board the saginaw with blt 2/2 in 1972. I dont know if jean dixon made more than one prediction. But if not, the guy that was on saginaw in 1974 is correct. The prediction of the saginaw's sinking was in 1972.
John. Finney
( BT 3,84-87)
Hope all is well with the guys I served with it would be great to hear from any of you
( RMSN,1975-1977)
I'am a bit late for this site for the messages are yrs. old, I just got online to order a 1188 cap taped in. Will start reading this after signing in ,will share one of many memories. The E.T.s knew I had this lifelike human mask that looked like a dead yardbird since we were in drydock and had me wait down in birthing while this 2nd class was in the shower. They had been playing cards when he went up on his return the lights were on red, they hid in the bunks with curtains drawn.He returned with a only a rapped towel & a toothbrush & saw me looking like a yardbird corpse in a peacoat He started yelling for Jesus going up backwards on the latter busting out of his flipflops defending himself naked with the towel.Thought I was going to have my asskicked for he was crying & shaking long afterwards. He was just grateful I wasn't death to take him away. It scared him more when they busted out laughing behind the curtains for he could not see nor understand the loud outburst.
Paul Stephens
( E-5,1987-1991)
Served on the Saginaw as a Marine in transport to the Gulf war in 1990
Robert phelps
( OS2,70-74)
Looking for Randy Davis. Robert Studebaker and Harris Pellerin my email.
Daniel W. Murphy
( CS 2,73-75)
I grow up fast on the 1188. Great crew.
Siliguri Escorts Welcome to Siliguri Escorts , tremendous service of siliguri escorts , fun, feeling and outstanding companionship that is all present right here.
Dennis B. DeWeese
( BM1 Retired,1971-1973)
I am looking to get in contact with Phil Parquett , Phillip Roden, and Santucci, and Sterling Hicks. My cell is 502-595-8690. I retired from the Navy after 25 years as a BM1. I then joined a Sheriff's Department and was a deputy for 20 years. Where has the time gone? Would be great to hear from my old shipmates.
Benny Margherita
( EM3,1973- 1975)
I remember that night at the Govenors House and a bunch of us jumping in the pool !!! Price's zebra jeep and have many good memories while on board. I think the Howard your talking about was an EM !!
Jim Hickey
( 84-88)
Great site. stumbled upon it by accident. Hope all are well
Bill rhoderick
( Bm 3,01 72 -O8 73)
.miss all u lunatics on as cap Moore called her uss Saginar Pecorino waiting on canteen boat douche bag delite. Omg
frank palombo
( sa,1 1977-2 1978)
remember the names conlin seadog coski hope all is well great site god bliss
Ian perry
( E-3 ( lance corporal),1985-1986)
Was on Unitas xxvi/watc85 Was on the Saginaw ...
Carl L. Barnes
( L/cpl,1977)
I served on the US Saginaw as a Marine in May-June, 1977 on a Caribbean Cruise to Vegas Puerto Rico for amphibious training. I am trying to locate anyone (Navy or Marine) who would have been on this cruise during this time period. One memory I had while docking in Vegas was a huge tortoise came ashore and laid her eggs for hatching and me and about five other marines turned her around so she could find the water and go back to sea. We were told that she was about 300 years old and believed to be blind. Another interesting memory was while sailing, we came upon the Bermuda Triangle, also called "the Devil's Triangle". Suddenly, a storm appeared out of nowhere while we were watching a movie on deck. You may contact me via this site or Thank you.
Damath Sandford
( E3,1990-1991)
It was hard . I was young. I wish I had someone who could have stir me in the right way and not just say give up.
Damath Sandford
( E3,1990-1991)
It was hard . I was young. I wish I had someone who could have stir me in the right way and not just say give up.
Bill glass
( Sn,76-78)
Frank (Peebo) jimmy p ,and a few more , made my time on the Saginaw a party. Saw two guys going down the brow handcuffed. Lol thanks for the good time’s
Mark Stauder
( HT,1978-1981)
Happy 2023 new year to any who served on board. I think about the experience that I had on my tour,it was a great time.
Albert Jackson
( IC2,1990-1993)
Brian Monroe
( IC2,89-90)
Was a short ride with a Med thrown in. A lot of good people, a lot of laughs. My guts still hurt when I think about the Tony and cheng saga. (Mid watch coffee cup...ifykyk)
Nick Morelli
( RM3,1970-1974)
Ah the great Saginaw remember exercise snowy beach 62 degree rolls. That was a day to remember what a storm, Captain crunch and the wild bunch.
Charlie L Harrington
( BMC(SW\AW),1991-1995)
I served with a lot of you during my tour. Had a blast on all the meds & North Atlantic deployments.
Ron Roades
( ENCM,87-93)
New contact number 540-287-4227. Living in Rhoadesville, VA. South of Culpepper, VA
Ralph Lyons ETR-2
( '72--'75)
Nick, Snowy Beach was a bitch, yes. My brother, Dave lost 25 lbs in 10 days. Remember the roll meter we made out of synchros? The AN-PUK 1A? It recorded a 59 degree to stbd and 52 degree to port. Design specs called for her to capsize at 60! I got that from Chief Scarlet and Capt McGaulflin - Ralph
Randy Tanouye (TA-NO-WA)
( BM3,1983-1984)
Trying to reconnect with BM1 Doug Dashinaw. I remember he's from the Sacramento area. We drove home together one time on leave.
Jerry Walker
( SK1,1978-1979)
Trying to recall our stop in St Tropez
Gary Trull
( Sept 1977-March 1978)
Does anyone remember when the Marines were embarking for this cruise the cable from the ship to the landing craft breaking because of heavy seas and medavacked 2 Marines who were hurt?
Danny Lindsey (Sonja-Daughter)
( FN,1970-1974)
Thanks to this site, I have had several people reach out who knew my dad and some even had photos to share. Dad did pass away in 2008, wish I would have found this info when he was alive, to connect him with his shipmates. Thankful for this site! Feel Free to send an e-mail if you think you may have known my dad.

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